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Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity

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Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity

Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity

I have been involved in the Beachbody Coach business opportunity since January of 2010. It has been an incredible journey which has allowed me to go from an unhealthy, lazy, poor, slob to a healthy, ripped, financially secure dude. It definitely hasn’t been an easy journey, rather there have been a lot of bumps along the way and it has been a true learning experience (and of course I’m STILL learning). I have learned through the school of the hard knocks and have managed to propel myself into the top 25 of the company out of over 60,000+ Coaches. I’m NOT saying that to brag, rather I just want to show you that I know I thing or two.

4 Deadly Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity Mistakes

I see SO many Beachbody Coaches come and go…They join our business, then don’t see the results they want, and they just quit a few months later. I’ve seen many who have had HUGE potential to help a lot of people and make a ton of money. These Team Beachbody Coaches who weren’t see the results they wanted were ALL making at least one or more of the deadly mistakes that I’m going to share with you. If you are at all serious about accomplishing your dreams and achieving true time and financial freedom with the Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity, then AVOID these common Beachbody Coach mistakes at ALL cost…

Doing Anything And Everything To Market Your Business – Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity Mistake #1

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogging, home parties (aka Shake & Share), Fit Clubs, trade shows, etc. etc. etc. These are just only a few of the numerous ways to market your Beachbody Coach business. I see many, many Team Beachbody Coaches who are just so desperate to grow their business that they do anything and everything to market themselves. If another Beachbody Coach is having success doing it, then they are doing it too. They’ll also do 1 home party (as an example), and they end up not seeing any results from it (people don’t show up, nobody orders anything, etc.). They then assume it doesn’t work or won’t work from them and they jump onto onto doing something different.

I’ve got one word for you….FOCUS! Focus on 1 marketing technique, whether it be Fit Clubs, home parties, etc. and keep doing it. FOCUS on that one marketing technique and MAKE IT WORK!  Don’t move onto another Beachbody Coach marketing technique until you’ve mastered it and you’re having success with it. Marketing is ALL about testing, tracking, and revising, and then testing again (and repeating that process over and over again).

Not Being Consistent Or Not Sticking With It – Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity Mistake #2

Consistency is KEY in our business! You can’t be sharing the Beachbody Coach business opportunity to people on Wednesday, and Thursday, do nothing the rest of the week, do nothing the following week and then pick back up again on the following Monday and expect to see positive results. You should be devoting time to working the Beachbody Coach business at the very least Monday through Friday, if not every single day of the week (work it into your existing schedule if you are super busy)! Our business is A LOT of fun and you absolutely must be consistent with it!  How do you think people will look at your Beachbody Coach business when they see you only working it when “you feel like it” or at random times? They will think it’s a big joke and they WON’T take you seriously.

You must also stick with it if you truly want to find success with the Beachbody Coach business opportunity. It will not be easy, but if you stick with it and are taking the right actions you will find success. If I were to have quit when I hit my first bump in the road then I would have quit a LONG time ago and I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. This is a REAL business that takes time, hard work, and commitment.

Not Treating The Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity As A REAL Business – Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity Mistake #3

Beachbody Coach Money

Again, this is a REAL business. If you treat your Team Beachbody business as a hobby or something to do when you are bored, then you will make ZERO money or even lose money. On the other hand if you treat your Beachbody Coaching business as a REAL business and take it seriously then you will be rewarded as such. DO NOT treat this business like it’s a $130 business (or however much of an investment you made starting out). You need to treat it as if it’s business that could pay you millions (which it definitely can..there are already several people who are millionaires as a result of being Beachbody Coaches).

Imagine if you were to mortgage your house, max out ALL of your credit cards, and pawn everything of value that you have so that you could throw down $100,000 to buy a franchise. Do you think you would take that business seriously? HECK YEA! Treat the Team Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity the SAME way!

Not Staying Engaged – Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity Mistake #4

Not staying engaged, or not staying in communication with your sponsor, not attending team calls, not attending training webinars, and just not showing up is a common deadly Beachbody Coach business opportunity mistake. If you’re not showing up or staying engaged then you then you should just start prepping your Team Beachbody Coach coffin. I see this a lot and it always amazes me that people don’t do the easiest thing that you can do in this business of JUST SHOWING UP!

I personally attend the National Coach Call EVERY Monday (or listen to the MP3 that week and I can’t listen to it live), I attend every corporate lead training webinars/conference calls, if there is a corporate event within 5 hours (or even further) of me then I’m there. I also have a success partner and we chat at least once a week and usually more. I do whatever I can to stay engaged. Staying engaged is the easiest thing you can do, so JUST DO IT! Show up, and stay engaged with what’s going on at Team Beachbody.


Get The Inside Details – Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity

If you’re looking to partner with a true leader and are ready to hear the ENTIRE story on what the Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity is all about then I would like to give YOU a chance to do so. Enter your information in the boxes below now and check out the main video in its entirety-

To be quite frank, I don’t work with everyone and I’m not looking for every Jane/Joe Schmoe. I’m only looking for select, motivated, and positive individuals. However, you at least owe it yourself to hear the full insiders presentation. Enter your info above, and I’ll be in touch shortly to see if you’re a good fit for our team.

I’ll see you on the inside!

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