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Heidi’s P90X Journey – P90X Week 3

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This is a guest post by Heidi.

I made it through P90X Plyometrics this week!  Can I get a whoop whoop..?   There is a move in there that gives me a whole new respect for Molly Shannon.  Appropriately called the “Mary Katherines”,  they are lunges where you hop back and forth between right leg in front and left leg in front.  Good lord, that’s difficult.  I remember when Molly Shannon did those in her MK skits on SNL, and it didn’t look hard at all.  It looked funny, yes.  Hard, no.  Trust me, they are hard.  The version of MK on P90x doesn’t include the hands in the armpits, though, so that made them a little easier.

I had a fairly successful beginning of week 3, but got derailed – temporarily – on Wednesday.  I’ve been hit by some bug which doesn’t want to go away.  The doctor has me on the BRAT diet.  Not because I’m a brat – though I’m sure there’s an argument for that – it’s an acronym for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.  Um,  yuck.  I suddenly feel like I’m 80 instead of 40.   Anyway – I’ve been temporarily sidelined, but plan on being back on the field as soon as I can.  I’m planning on picking up where I left off, but I’m wondering if it may be better to start over.  Either way,  I’ll be back in business as soon as I can.  I know this isn’t a very exciting or lengthy blog post, but I didn’t want to just disappear and have anyone assume that I quit.  I didn’t quit & I will be back to my P90X routine as soon as I’m able.  Stay tuned…

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