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Public Apology.

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Time to speak the obvious and admit to you my failure.

I have totally, utterly dropped the ball. For the past YEAR, I have totally not been the Coach to you I should have been.

Last year I made the decision to start a new business teaching people how to market themselves through the Internet.

While I had good intentions to help MORE people (who wanted to get financially fit), I totally ignored you and the community at trek2befit.com.

I was a one man show trying to balance 2 businesses all it once so as a result…I just totally neglected you and our community.

The hardest part of this whole lesson is just thinking of the lives that I COULD HAVE changed this past year.

And due to my own piss poor ability to balance my new business venture and our trek2befit.com community…

I’ve totally failed you.

And for that, I am truly sorry. I’m truly sorry for not only failing you, but for also failing our community, and our team.

SO…moving forward I’ve got 2 words for you.

I’ll actually share those words with you in a couple of days (maybe sooner) AND how TOGETHER you and I can move forward in our lives while living…

A healthy FIT life…full of energy. Full of life. Full of passion.

(and full of others being so dang jealous of how GOOD we look ;-) )

I’m excited.
I’m fired up.

It ain’t going to be easy starting out, but we’ll make it work.

Because I miss helping you. I miss our community. I can’t wait to transform your life, and my life…TOGETHER.

More coming soon so stay tuned!

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