About Me

Jonathan Register

Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Jonathan Register, and I live in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia with my beautiful wife Jen, and with my furry daughter named Mackenzie. This blog is about my never-ending trek to becoming fit and healthy.

If you had asked Jen about 2 months ago (say about November 2009) if she would ever think that I would start a blog on fitness and health, she would have looked at you like you were absolutely crazy! Or she may have asked you, “How much are you paying him?”

Jonathan Register Before P90X
Me on some island on my honeymoon in 2007

Prior to November 2009 I didn’t care all that much about being fit and healthy. I always told myself, “I’ll start working out one day…I’ll eat healthy when Jen and I have more money,” etc. etc. I made lots and lots of excuses on why I couldn’t and shouldn’t workout and eat healthy.

Fortunately, I was blessed by God, and I have a higher metabolism than most so I’ve never been overweight (I was always that skinny white kid in high school). But does that mean I was healthy? No way!! I ate the most unhealthy foods imaginable- lots of soda, pizza (I could never just eat a couple pieces I had to eat 4, 5 or 6 or even the whole pizza), rich, dark chocolate cake, etc. I’d also avoid doing anything physically active as much as possible. Jen would constantly beg me to join the gym she went to, and she was always trying to get me off of the couch to go for a run or to do something athletic.

So what was the turning point for me? What flipped the switch inside my head that caused me to want to change? Well, I got to a point where I was just totally disgusted with myself, and I came to a realization that if I don’t change now, then I may never change (my metabolism won’t be high forever, and I would definitely pay for my unhealthy lifestyle at some point).

Now to just back track a little bit- I’ve gotten to this point before. I’ve gotten very excited to start working out and eating healthy again (this usually happens in January, and it just so happens to be January while I’m typing this). So I’d start working out, and I’d start trying to eat what I thought was healthy foods. Then, in about 3 or 4 weeks, my energy and enthusiasm would fizzle out, and I’d go back to my old ways.

Jonathan and Jen Register
Jen and I before the Virginia Beach Half Marathon 9/6/09 (she ran while I watched of course)

But this time was very different. I made the decision to do this for me. In the back of my mind I’m doing this for my wife, for my future kids, but the main reason I’m making this lifestyle change is for me. I’m doing this for me, so I can live a very happy, and long life free from illness and disease. I want to be one of those crazy old guys you see at the beach in California surfing the waves all day and driving a classic Woody Station Wagon. I don’t want to have a heart attack in my 50’s, I don’t want to die from heart disease in my 60’s, I don’t want to develop diabetes, cancer, or any other life threatening diseases. I just want to live; I want to live as long and healthy of a life I can.Despite all of this, I still will struggle at times at maintaining this lifestyle of being fit and healthy. I’m still going to make excuses on why I shouldn’t exercise from time to time. I’m still going to give in and eat that piece of chocolate cake every now and then (there are times when you should splurge and treat yourself to something you normally wouldn’t eat…within reason of course). I’m human, and I’m going to make mistakes. That’s also why it is a trek; it’s a never-ending trek to becoming fit and healthy.

So, I figured I should come up with some type of written goal to strive towards (you should too if you haven’t already). My goal would be to become physically fit through daily exercise and through healthy food choices to improve my overall health. I want to live a very long and happy life with my wife and my family free from sickness and disease.

Lastly, as you and others read my blog, I hope it will inspire, motivate, and help you in reaching your health and fitness goals. Please leave lots of comments (I really enjoy reading them), and don’t ever hesitate to contact me! Also, I’m a Beachbody Coach (I’m the best Beachbody Coach there is :-) ) so definitely sign up for a free account to have me as your personal Coach!