How To Start P90X The Right Way

How To Start P90X

How To Start P90X

I see SOO many people jumping into P90X without doing the critical steps that they need to do so that they set themselves up for success. There is no beating around the bush. P90X is an EXTREME program. This isn’t some type of fad workout, or one of those goofy 80’s dance workouts. This is an extreme program that gives extreme results. Period.

However, you will only get those extreme results if you follow the program as it’s laid out and you do ALL 90 days! Doing a few weeks or even a month and then quitting won’t give you results. Doing whatever workouts you feel like doing whenever you can won’t give you the results. Ok, maybe you’ll get some results, but definitely NOT the kind of results if you had followed the program as it’s laid out (that includes the workouts AND the nutrition!).

So…if you’re absolutely serious about losing the weight. If you’re absolutely serious about getting toned, getting ripped, or even bulking up…If you’re absolutely serious about getting into the best shape of your life so you can live a long, happy, healthy life with your kids (or future kids), with your spouse (or future spouse), and with your family and friends, then it will behoove you to follow these steps on how to start P90X the RIGHT way.

How To Start P90X (and Finish) The Right Way

I’m going to try to keep this page as brief as possible and literally give you step by step instructions on how to start P90X with links to resources that have videos, PDF’s, etc. to give you every leg up possible to ensure your success.

STEP 1 – Create A Free TBB Account For Free Coaching.

This is a no brainer. By clicking the above link and creating a free Team Beachbody account you’ll get an extra layer of support and motivation that you’ll need to ensure you stick with P90X. You’ll get ME as your personal success Coach, and you’ll get access to some free tools that you’re going to need to get yourself started right. So don’t think about this step, just do it.

STEP 2 – Read Through The P90X Fitness Guide AND the P90X Nutrition Guide.

P90X Nutrition Guide

P90X Nutrition Guide

A lot of people don’t do this, and then they don’t have a clue about anything. Those guide are there for a reason! Read them from cover to cover.

If you don’t have the P90X Nutrition Guide, then click the following link for some alternatives- P90X Nutrition Guide

If you don’t have the P90X Fitness Guide, then my blog is going to become your best friend. Use this page as your road map to starting P90X the right way.

STEP 3 – Confirm You Have All The Required Equipment.

You need to do this step ASAP in case you need to order any equipment or supplements (so you leave yourself some time for shipping). You also don’t want to start doing the workouts, and then you say “OOOOPPPPS, I don’t have X piece of equipment so I can’t do X exercises.” That’s just going to derail your progress with the program.

To confirm you have all of the required equipment, go here (do this EVEN if you think you have everything)- What Equipment Do You Need For P90X

STEP 4 – Take Your Measurements AND Your Before Pictures.

I’m not going to explain why this is important, actually I’m going to YELL and say…JUST TAKE DO THIS! DON’T SKIP THIS STEP!

Just click the following link and I’ll explain why, and how to do this- How To Take Your Measurements & Before Pics

STEP 5 – Take The Fit Test

You shouldn’t skip ANY of these steps, but this is another common thing people skip (really just out of laziness). I’m not going to yell this time :-), rather I’m just going to give you a page that will tell you how to do it. Just do it.

Click the following link to learn how to take the P90X Fit test- P90X Fitness Test

STEP 6 – Decide Which P90X Schedule You Are Going To Do & Print Out The Worksheets

There are 3 different workout schedules of P90X that you can do. You need to pick which one you are going to do, and you need to print out the work sheets so you can track your progress.

Click the following link  to figure out what schedule is right for you, and to print out the P90X worksheets- P90X Workout Schedule

STEP 7 – Figure Out Your #’s, Clean Out Your Kitchen, & Go Grocery Shopping.

Your nutrition is JUST as important as your workouts. It’s basically like an equation…Your workouts + Your Nutrition = You Meeting Your Goals. Proper nutrition is FIFTY percent of that equation. So here’s what you need to do-

  • Based on your goals (whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain weight and just get toned, or to even bulk up) you need to figure out your numbers (calories, protein, carbs, & fat) – How Many Calories Should I Eat A Day.
  • You need to keep a food journal for at least a week to confirm you’re not over eating or under eating – How To Keep A Food Diary.
  • Then you need to RID your house of ALL of the junk, and go grocery shopping and purchase foods based on the P90X Nutrition Guide or the alternative resources I gave you in Step 2.

STEP 8 – Proclaim Your Start Date & Give Us Daily Updates.

It’s proven that people who tell other people that they are going to do something, are MUCH more likely to actually do that something and follow through. Also, the people who commit to giving our community daily updates whether here on my blog, or on our Facebook page are more likely to stick with it.  So here’s what you need to do.

  • Leave a comment below and let me know your start date for starting P90X. THEN come back to this page and reply to your comment and tell us how your first workout went.
  • Next, give us daily or at a MINIMUM weekly updates here on our Facebook page – Trek2BeFit Facebook Page.

STEP 9 – Share Your Results.

The people who go through ALL 90 days MUST be recognized! The fact that you just completed such an extreme program is something you should be so freakin proud of. Send me an email and tell me your results. I may even want to feature you here on my blog to share with the community of 90,000+ (and growing) visitors and members. I may also eventually create a separate page to feature everyone’s P90X results.

At The End Of Each Phase & At The End Of P90X

Make sure at the end of each phase that you re-take your measurements, and your pictures. Also, at the end of 90 days, re-take your measurements, your pictures, AND the P90X fit test. This will help give you some added motivation, will help keep you going, and will allow you to see if you are going in the right direction or if you need to make adjustments to your nutrition.


You’ve got ALL the resources you need and you even have a step by step blueprint on how to start P90X. It’s now your time to just DO IT and take action! How serious are you about accomplishing your goals whether it be to lose weight, get toned, get ripped, or to bulk up? You ONLY get something different by doing something different so JUST DO IT! I can’t wait to help YOU on your journey and to see your final results.

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