Here’s How I’m Getting A Full Time Six Pack (Step By Step)

full time six pack abs

I shared with you this new blog post recently…

Inside I revealed for the first time my own personal challenge.

And that’s to get a full time six pack.

A full time six pack is simply this.

When you’re standing there (WITHOUT FLEXING)…


Washboard abs.

You can SEE your abs.

So you don’t have to flex to see your abs (when you have to flex, that’s a part time six pack, which is cool too)

And yes…

I did coin these phrases:

Full time six pack ™ – When a person has a visible six pack without flexing.
Part time six pack ™ – When a person only has a visible six pack when they flex

So why should you care about how I’m doing this?

Because maybe you don’t want to get a six pack (or could care less about getting six pack abs).

But maybe you have some excess fat you’d like to lose?

If so…

The process of getting rid of excess fat, and getting a full time six pack are pretty much the same.

Here’s what I’m doing…

1) Strict tracking.

I know I know. Not sexy.

But it’s the most sure fire way to drop a ton of fat.

It’s hard to improve what you don’t track.

So I’ll be tracking my daily calorie intake and macros and eating in a way to promote fat loss (while maintaining muscle).

These days…

Tracking is super easy to do with technology (takes seconds).

2). Intermittent fasting.

I have no idea if this or help or not (here’s what intermittent fasting is and you can read about my intermittent fasting experiment).

But so far into my intermittent fasting experiment I’m starting to become a believer.


– Because it’s been wayyyyyyy easier to eat less calories (I’m actually having a HARD time eating enough calories each day).

– Because I can see how it gives your body a chance to burn fat when you’re in the “fasting” window.

But time will tell if this works or not.

3) Daily Shakeology.

I’ve used Shakeology almost daily for 6 years anyways…

But it’s been proven to be one of the easiest, simplest tools in my arsenal to get the nutrition my body needs, and to help promote fat loss.

I spend all of 5 minutes a day to make it and BOOM…

I’m taking in nutrients that are proven to promote fat loss while increasing my overall health, energy, curb cravings, etc.

4) Daily workouts.

Like usual, I’m working out for 6 days a week.


Based on where I’m at in the program I’m doing, it’s not really suited for burning fat while building up my core strength.

YES, I can burn fat with it, but where I’m at in the schedule isn’t meant to promote fat loss.

So I may take a break from that program and do a program better suited for fat loss/ab strength.



That’s what I’m doing.

And my deadline to get a full time six pack is by December 31st (which I think is a very, very, very realistic goal…except it is the holiday season which will test me).

Have questions? Feedback? Comments?

Then let me know in the comments box below!

I hope this helps you!

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