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Top Motivational Videos Of All Time For Instant Motivation To CRUSH YOUR WORKOUT

Need a BOOST of motivation?

Or just need a little “jolt” to get yourself excited, fired up, and READY to CRUSH your workout?

Then this page will become your best friend.


Because on it is one of my favorite, and most effective “motivation boosters.”

And that is…Continue reading

Secret Weapon To Working Out When It’s The LAST Thing You Want To Do

Ever have one of those days where working out is the LAST thing you want to do?

Maybe you have a million and one other things you need to do swirling around in your head…

Maybe you’ve had a rough day, and your head just isn’t in it.

Or maybe you just flat out don’t want to workout.

I think we ALL have those days (no matter who you are).

So, without further ado, here’s my secret weapon to getting an instant shot of motivation, excitement, & FIRE so you can power through and get your workout done…when it’s the last thing you want to do…Continue reading

2 BIG BIG updates.

Got 2 BIG BIG, HUGE updated for you! These updates mean you and I getting the body of our dreams…FASTER, EASIER, & TASTIER…you’ll know what I mean in a moment :-)

My wife and I recently got back from the Beachbody Coach Summit in Las Vegas and I wanted to quickly share with you the 2 big updates that came from that event that are game changers for you and I.

But first, check out this view from stage-

Team Beachbody Coach View From StageContinue reading

How To Stay On Track In 2013 . . .

JenHi Guys, Jen Register here, you all know my husband as a fitness-lover, but what you don’t know is that I was the original fitness lover. I had been on my fitness journey for about 3 years before Jonathan finally decided to join me. In January of 2007 I weighed 165lbs and just got engaged to a man who weighed about 25lbs less than that. I know all the woman out there will understand how this can be the ultimate motivator. With my new engagement ring on I managed to shed 30 lbs by my wedding day and have kept if off for almost 6 years now.

If you would like to know how I have been able to accomplish the feat and you can to…continue reading…if you’re not interested then you’re probably not at the right website?

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When Will You See Results?

When Will You See ResultsJonathan…when will I see results with P90X? Or Insanity, TurboFire, Shakeology, etc. etc.?

I probably get this question at least once a week so it just might be something you are wondering about.

You’ve started a fitness program, and you’re anxious to see those results and wondering when the heck will you see them! Totally understandable!

So, you ready for the answer? I’ll first give you the short answer, then I’ll break it down and explain it more in detail.

When should you start seeing results with your fitness program (no matter what program you’re doing)?

The answer is…Continue reading

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