Not good :-(


How have you been? How was your Thanksgiving?

It’s Jonathan Register (your fitness Coach). I can’t believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone.

Where has the time gone?

Quite honestly…

When it comes to my fitness journey things have not been good (just want to be 100% transparent with you).

Over the past 60 days A LOT has gone on in my personal life, and I’ve found myself letting a dangerous, dangerous mindset creep in a take hold.

This mindset has led to…

– Me skipping my workouts

– Me wayyyyyyyyy overeating.

– Me eating junk that I usually wouldn’t eat.

The result?

My confidence has dropped.

I feel bloated all the time.

My energy has dropped.

And I’m losing muscle definition AND it looks like I’m starting to add fat around my belly (just based on what I see in the mirror, I haven’t taken my measurements lately so I don’t know for sure).

Here’s the dangerous mindset that’s crept in…

“Screw it. I’m busy. A lot is going on in my life. It’s the holiday’s. I’ll get back on the wagon next week, or in January. Or here soon…”

Guess what has happened?

I still haven’t gotten back on the “wagon” yet.

And deep down I know, if I don’t do something now…if I don’t get myself back into my normal, healthy habits….we all know where that’s going to lead.


For me personally it’s starts now.

I’m re-committing myself to my health and fitness. And I’m going to DO something about it now.

I encourage you to do the same if you’ve fallen off the wagon.


Decide right now.

Right this second…you’re going to stop saying “screw it…” and instead say…

“it’s time to start now.”

We are all creating out future NOW.

So start NOW.


Just wanted to be 100% real with you, and hopefully by sharing this, it helps you in some way.


– I deleted my old Facebook profile, and created a brand new Facebook profile (for various reasons that aren’t important) here. So feel free to add me as a friend if you’d like.

– I’m thinking about putting together a group to give support, help, and accountability so that we hit our fitness and health goals as we go into the New Year…

If that’s something you’d be interested in, reply with a YES so I can gauge the interest level.

Have an AMAZING day.

I believe in you.