[SUCCESS GUIDE] Are You Making These 7 Mistakes?

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I used to hate fitness.

More on that in a sec, but first…

I want to change your life.

That’s my personal mission and goal for YOU.

Is that too big of a goal?

It might be.

It just all depends on you.

It all depends on whether you gloss over this guide, or whether you decide right now…right this second…

To read it word for word right now…

…to take everything I share with you to heart and to run with it.

So what’s your decision?

Are you going run with it?

Are you going to take it to heart?


First a little background so you understand where I’m coming from, how I got here so you can fully appreciate everything I’m about to share with you.

So here we go.

As I said in the beginning…

I used to hate fitness.

And when I say “hate” I truly mean…

I hated ANYTHING having to do with fitness or eating “healthy.”

My wife would have to beg me (literally) to get off the couch and go on a simple walk with her around the neighborhood.

I AVOIDED doing anything involving “moving” as much as I could (my evening was typically spent sprawled out on the couch like a blob in front of the TV).

My idea of eating healthy was not getting fries with my chesse burger. Or getting a pizza loaded up with lots of veggies.

And my body showed it.

Here’s me on my honey moon with my wife back in 2007:

Me Before My Fitness Journey

Clearly, I wasn’t morbidly obese.

Clearly, I didn’t weigh 200+ pounds.

But I was not healthy.

I was weak.

I was soft all over.

I was not happy.

And I had little to no confidence in myself.

Only Read This Box If You Think People Who Are “Skinny Fat” Like I Was, Are Healthy . . .

Thankfully, I was blessed by God and I’m one of those dudes that have a higher metabolism (hence, why despite me putting constant crap in my body, and hating exercise with a passion back then, I didn’t weight 300+ pounds).

But just because I wasn’t obese, just because I didn’t have a huge belly, doesn’t mean I was healthy.

In fact, you can be “skinny fat” like I was, and still be just as unhealthy as people who are obese.

In otherwords, you can be what most people would consider “skinny” and STILL have the same level of risk of dying from diabetes, cancer, and other nasty sicknesses/diseases as people who are obese. And science and doctors agree.

Here’s a few articles if you don’t believe me (will open in a new tab): Article 1, Article 2, Article 3.

I was also…


I was disgusted by the way I looked.

And like most people, I’d have spurts of:

It’s time for a change…today’s going to be the day I change…or next week I’m going to officially start working out/eating right…

(typically this would be around New Year’s Day, or in May/June right before the summer)

Which would be followed by a day or two, or maybe a week (if I was lucky) of trying to workout and trying to eat right.

But then…


I’d be back to my usual ole’ self.


…is what led to that HATE I felt for anything and everything related to fitness or eating healthy.

I was tired of the constant starting and stopping.

I was tired of failing again, and again, and again.

I was tired of feeling like something was wrong with me.


Fitness is my life.

I workout 6 days a week and rarely miss a workout.

I genuinely enjoy eating healthy foods.

I eat, drink, and sleep fitness.

And I freakin’ LOVE IT.

Here’s a recent pic of me with Noah, our 1 year old son as of me typing this:

2015-09-20 14.15.26 - sepia

Me, and my son Noah. We were on a little vacation with my wife and family in Topsail, North Carolina.

Why did I share all that with you?

Because to show you if I can go from the extreme of passionately hating fitness, to passionately loving it…

…if I can go from constant failure, and having motivation and drive that’s like a fart in the wind (as quickly as it comes, it’s gone)…

To now daily, passionate, desire and drive to do my daily workouts…

Then so you can you.

(that’s not say I don’t have off days, or days where I don’t want to workout; I still have days like that from time to time…but I simply use one or multiple of my motivation boosters to help me plow forward and do my workouts regardless on the off days)


Enough background.

You get it.

You know you can change.

It’s time for the 7 mistakes.

These are some of the biggest mistakes I used to make back when I could never, ever seem to stick to working out and eating right…

Back when my motivation and drive would come and go, come and go.

Overcoming these mistakes, is what helped lead me to where I am today.

Here they are . . .

Mistake #1:
Hating and/or dreading your workouts and eating healthy

If you hate, and dread your workouts and eating “healthy” straight up…

You will always, always stay stuck in the frustrating cycle of “starting and stopping.”

I mean think about it.

How long have you stuck with anything you hated, or dreaded doing?

Probably not very long.

So here’s the deal.

I didn’t just wake up one day, and think…



It didn’t happen overnight.

It was a gradual process.

A process that simply started with me realizing…

Following a proven workout and nutrition plan, sticking with it, and just living an overall healthy lifestyle in general…

  • Is the fountain of youth.
  • It’s how I’m going to stay young as I age.
  • It’s how I’m going to avoid many of the diseases that people suffer from, and die early from as a result of not taking care of themselves.
  • It’s how I’m going to feel confident when taking my shirt off when I go to the beach, or to the pool.
  • It’s how I’m going to have energy to live life to the fullest with my wife, our son, and our future kids.
  • It’s how I’m going to live a very long, very happy, very active life…where I’m LIVING, and not just going through the motions as if I’m half asleep.
  • Without my health, without my body…nothing else matters.

Those thoughts and beliefs, where the seeds to my love and passion for fitness.

That’s all it takes for massive change.

Mistake #2:
Seeing your fitness and health as an expense versus an investment

I’m definitely what you would call “frugal” (my wife has another not so nice name for it)

But for years I let this “frugal” mindset control my fitness and health journey.

Thus, I saw spending money on any fitness/health related stuff as an expense. So I’d try to go the free, or the cheapest route possible.

But what I found, is that the ole’ saying “you get what you pay for”

…Is absolutely true when it comes to fitness, & health related stuff (food, equipment, supplements, workout programs, etc. etc.).

And I’m not just talking about the quality side of things…

I’m also talking about the MINDSET you get from going the free/cheap route versus focusing on quality and getting what you need.

When you download a free workout from YouTube, or you get a workout from a $6.00 magazine…

How much skin in the game do you have to actually follow through and do that workout?

None, if any at all.

Now that’s not to say that you have to spend a fortune to get fit and healthy (and to stay fit and healthy)…

…but you do have to be willing to get the tools, the right food, the right proven program, and whatever you need for success.

I mean think about it…

We’re talking about taking care of your body here.

And unless you believe in reincarnation…

We all only have ONE body…ONE life.

And once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Is it worth it to invest in taking care of your body now so you can have the energy to LIVE LIFE?

Is it worth it to invest in taking care of your body now so you can lead your kids, your family by example?

Is it worth it to invest in taking care of your body now so you’re not confined to a hospital bed later in life because you didn’t take care of yourself?

I know I’m being dramatic, but these are the thoughts/questions I asked myself that helped lead me to massive positive change. And I know they can help you too.

Mistake #3:
Giving into that part of you that doesn’t believe this time will be different

For me personally…

Back when I kept failing time and time again there was a part of me that thought I’d never, ever stick to working out and eating right.

At the same time…

There was a part of me that knew….I could do it. I COULD stick to working out and eating right. I COULD make it MY LIFESTYLE.

Because if other people could do it…

Why couldn’t I?

But for years, and years, I gave into that part of me that didn’t believe this time was different.

The result?

Each time I always, always went back to my old ways.

You just have to truly believe that…



YES, you can make fitness, and eating right YOUR LIFESTYLE.

And you do that with the the right mindset, the right support, the right nutrition, and the right program.

Mistake #4:
Thinking you have to spend hours and hours working out each day

One of the biggest reasons excuses people give me as to why they can’t workout, or why they can’t commit to a program is that they don’t have the time.

And I look I get it.

We’re all incredibly busy.

We have jobs, we have kids, we have homes to maintain, we have constant never ending errands to run…

But you DO NOT have to spend hours and hours working out each day to get real results.

In fact, with the right system you can workout for as little as 25 minutes and get incredible results. During our upcoming webclass, I walk you through a proven system that allows you to do exactly that…workout LESS while getting amazing results.

Mistake #5:
Going it alone

For years I did this.

I tried to figure out my own workouts (by piecing together workouts I found on the Internet, YouTube, and magazines).

I tried to create my own workout schedule (by again, piecing together workout plans I found on the Internet, YouTube, and magazines).

I tried to keep myself motivated (by myself).

And for years, that approach failed me.

For true, long term success you need…

A proven workout plan and nutrition plan, you need to continually work on your mindset AND

REAL support so:

  • You can get help and support when you need it.
  • When you’re lying on the ground and you don’t want to get up, a hand to help pull you up.
  • You have a team, you have a family celebrating your wins WITH YOU.

If you look at any successful athlete, business person, public figure…

They never, ever “did it alone.”

Mistake #6:
Taking a piecemeal approach to fitness and eating right

You can workout all day, every day…

But if you’re eating pizza, donuts, Big Mac’s, candy, and any all other junk you can think of…

You will not get the results you want.

And I know that’s a little extreme…but even if you were to workout an hour a day, and you don’t do anything regarding your nutrition, you could STILL end up not seeing results.


You can eat the most nutritious foods in the world…

You can eat the cleanest of diet…

But still be weak, and have poor overall health.

Taking the “piecemeal” approach will always get you limited results.

But combining the right workout plan PLUS nutrition PLUS mindset, and PLUS support…you will be unstoppable.

Mistake #7:
Working out/eating right just to get ready for event X, Y, or Z

I’m all about setting goals.

I think setting a goal to get ripped, to gain X pounds of muscle, or to lose X amount of weight by X date is a good thing.

I also think using upcoming events and trips you have to help motivate to start, and keep you working out is a good thing.

But for most people (including yours truly back when I was failing)…

Their fitness journey ends there.

Once the event comes and goes…they go back to their old ways (thus the constant yo-yo cycle of starting and stopping continues).

Event driven fitness will only get you short term results.

For long term, life changing results…

You have to see being fit and healthy as YOUR lifestyle.

You have to see being fit and healthy as a LIFELONG journey. <–This was a game changer for me personally.

It’s a trek.

It’s a lifelong trek to becoming the best you possible.

So to quickly recap, here’s the mistakes…

Mistake #1:
Hating and/or dreading your workouts and eating healthy

Mistake #2:
Seeing your fitness and health as an expense versus an investment

Mistake #3:
Giving into that part of you that doesn’t believe this time will be different

Mistake #4:
Thinking you have to spend hours and hours working out each day

Mistake #5:
Going it alone

Mistake #6:
Taking a piecemeal approach to fitness and eating right

Mistake #7:
Working out/eating right just to get ready for event X, Y, or Z

Now overcoming these mistakes may seem like a daunting task.

Some of them are easy to do.

Some of them take time.

And clearly, we’ve just barely scratched the surface on all of this.

But the good news is this.

Just like you decided to read this guide.

…which you did because you’re reading this right now…

All it takes is a decision.

A single, simple decision that right here, right now…

You’re going to do whatever it takes to overcome these mistakes, and you’re going to get yourself on the path to becoming the healthiest, strongest, you possible.

So what’s it going to be?

Are you going to settle for “average?”

Are you going to keep going down the path you’re currently on?

Or are you going to do something about it?