Does Insanity Workout Work?

Does Insanity Workout Work? I get that question a lot so I figured I’d create a post to answer that very question. The very short and simple answer to that question, “Does Insanity workout work,” is yes, however (and that’s a big HOWEVER), it depends on the actions YOU take.

Does Insanity Workout Work

Does Insanity Workout Work

You see, Insanity is just a tool just like every other fitness program out there. It isn’t going to magically transform you into a super model or melt all of the fat on your body away. It takes work on your end to make that actually happen! The Insanity workout program is a system of workout routines that you MUST follow if you want to get the incredible results that you’ve heard about. It’s a tool to use to help you accomplish your health, fitness, and weight loss goals. With that in mind, let’s continue on with the Does Insanity workout work blog post…

Does Insanity Workout Work?
It Will NOT Work If…

You leave it in the box and never do it. Now this is pretty obvious, but unfortunately there are a lot of people who buy fitness program after fitness program and the DVD’s never see the light of day. Don’t be that person that just lets Insanity just sit in the box it came in to gather dust! Don’t buy it if you’re going to do this. Get your head straight and order Insanity with the understanding that you WILL do the program no matter what!

You don’t stick with it. Insanity won’t work if you do a couple weeks of it and then quit, or you do a day here and there. If you really want to accomplish your weight loss, health, and fitness goals with Insanity then you MUST STICK WITH IT no matter what! Go into the program with a goal of doing all 60 days of it.

Does Insanity Workout Work?
It WILL Work If…

You follow the Insanity workout calendar as it’s laid out and you give 100%. When you’re doing the Insanity workout program for the 1st time, make sure to follow the workout calendar as it’s laid out. That sounds like a no brainer, but some people will go into it and pick and chose what workouts DVD’s they do. The Insanity schedule was laid out that way for a reason, so follow it! :-) Once you finish all 60 days, then you can combine it with another workout program if you want.

Also, as you’ll hear Shaun T say a lot during Insanity, make sure to DIG DEEP during each and every workout. If you only give 50% effort to the workouts or give 100% one day, then 50% another day, etc. then you’re Insanity results will be the exact same way…very limited and not consistent. Give all of the workouts ALL you’ve got!

You follow the Nutrition Guide. Many people think that they can just do a workout program, eat the same junk they’ve been always eating, and get INCREDIBLE results with their fitness program. Sorry to break it to you, but eating right is 50% of the equation of getting fit and healthy. You may or may not see some positive results from doing Insanity while still eating the same junk. If you really want to see results, then follow the Insanity Nutrition Guide. That guide was put together by Nutrition Experts that know what they are doing! Since when did you become a nutrition expert? :-)

My Insanity Results – Does Insanity Workout Work?

So if you’re like me, then you like to see and hear real Insanity results from real people. Here’s a quick summary of my results after 60 days of craziness with Insanity-

  • Lost 1 inch in my waist
  • Lost 5 pounds
  • Lost half of inch around my hips.
  • GREATLY increased my endurance.
  • I got a six pack.
  • GREATLY increased the strength in my legs.
Insanity Results - Before & After

Insanity Results - Before & After

If you’d like to read more about my Insanity results, go here- does Insanity workout work.


The Decision Is Yours – Does Insanity Workout Work?

So I hope that you see that the answer to the question, “Does Insanity workout work,” is yes, but ultimately it depends on you! If you are ready to take the Insanity challenge, just click the link below to check it out!

==>Click HERE To Take The Insanity Challenge<==

I really hope that you found my Does Insanity Workout work blog post helpful!

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