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What To Do After Insanity

What To Do After Insanity

If you have completed the 60 day Insanity Workout program, and are now asking yourself what to do after Insanity, let me congratulate you! You have accomplished something amazing and deserve some major praise! If you’re in the midst of your Insanity Workout program or are just starting out and are curious about what to do after Insanity, then listen up! One thing is for sure; make sure you give yourself a recovery week before moving onto your next program. Rest and recovery periods are just as important to fitness as the workouts themselves so be sure to factor rest into your choice of what to do after Insanity.

What to do After Insanity for Women

Alright, I figured I’d be a gentlemen :-) and start with giving the ladies some options on programs you can do to help you maintain your post-Insanity results.

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  • TurboFire: Let Chalene Johnson put you through your paces with fast & furious workouts that can last from 15 to 55 minutes and make you really enjoy your workout as you sweat to the beat of popular music favorites. This program features stretching and toning as well as some High Intensity Interval Training workouts. Staying limber and toned is a great way to follow up the Insanity Workout program and is one idea of what to do after Insanity. This program focuses on cardio that helps you burn up to 9x the fat and calories burned by typical cardio programs.
  • ChaLEAN Extreme:Step up and take your fitness goals to the next level! What to do after Insanity all depends on your goals for your long term fitness and well-being, and resistance training programs like ChaLEAN Extreme can help you build and condition muscle that will keep you going strong. BURN to rev up your metabolism, PUSH yourself to new heights, and LEAN into the last step of the program while you watch the fat melt away! If there was any fat left on you after Insanity, it will soon be gone.[/unordered_list]

What to do After Insanity for Men

p90x pull ups

P90X Reverse Grip Chin-Ups

We’ve covered some excellent ways for women to keep their Insanity results while taking themselves to the next level, and now it’s time to share some ideas for the dudes to do. You’re likely wondering what to do after Insanity that can help you refine your newly discovered physique and take that crucial next step in fitness.
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  • P90X: The difference between P90X vs Insanity comes from the approaches used in the two programs; one is resistance with a little added cardio and the other is more focused on cardio with some resistance mixed in. Now I’ll admit I’m a bit biased toward P90X after having been working with the program since January 2010 and repeating it for almost a year before I tried Insanity for the first time. P90X is a great program because it follows the 6 days on, 1 day off (Rest/stretch) that you’ve already been using with Insanity. You also get the opportunity to workout with the man himself, Tony Horton!

Insane for Insanity? What to do after Insanity

If you just can’t get enough of Insanity and can’t see yourself without it, then rest assured, your wishes have been heard! It seems that there are plenty of people out there who love the Insanity program and want to know what to do after Insanity to keep their workouts intense without getting burnt out on repetition.

  • Insanity The Asylum: Inspired by moves used to train pro athletes, this program lasts for 30 days and is truly tailored to those among us who are ready to dig deeper and go the distance. Get ready and train as though every day is game day! This program builds on the Insanity workout program and works to increase your stamina, speed, and balance with workouts lasting from 25 to 60 minutes each and a 15 minute bonus workout for an added boost to any day’s activities.

What to do After Insanity No Matter What, Don’t Forget The Recovery Week!

No matter what you decide to do after completing 60 days of Insanity, make sure to give yourself a week of rest and recovery before starting a new program. Now I’m not saying to just flop down on the couch and not move for two weeks because those 2 weeks could lead to 3 weeks, and those 3 weeks could lead to 4 weeks, etc. Before you know it, you’ve lost the results you’ve worked so hard for. During your recovery week you can either do the recovery week workouts that are in Insanity, or you can do your own workouts (go jogging, do some light resistance workouts, go rock climbing, just do something that is somewhat light & easy).

Still Not Sure What to do After Insanity?

Then leave a comment below and let me know! I’d be glad to help you figure out what to do after Insanity.

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