P90X Spreadsheet

I’ve gotten some questions on how to use the P90X excel spreadsheet so I decided I’d make a video to show everyone the basics of getting it setup. I don’t personally use this spreadsheet, but a lot of people do and they love using it to help keep them on the right path and to track their progress with the P90X workout. Check out the video below, and then make sure to sign up for a free Beachbody account if you haven’t done so already to have me as your personal success coach!

This is the direct link to get to the post that I mentioned in the video where you can download the spreadsheet to use it for yourself- P90X excel

At that post I’ll also show you how to create a “P90X Binder” to help keep yourself organized, and you can also download the P90X Calendar, P90X Phases, P90X Fit Test, and lots more.

One last reminder, to make sure that you don’t forget to sign up for a free Beachbody account to get access to a ton of free resources that will help you succeed with P90X- Click Here to Sign Up for a Free Beachbody Account

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