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I would have to say one of the biggest hang ups people have with Shakeology is the Shakeology price. When you just look on the surface, the Shakeology price seems to be very expensive. But in all actuality when you dig deeper into it, you’ll discover that it’s in incredible bargain and it truly is an incredible value for what you get.

How Much Is Shakeology? – Shakeology Price

Shakeology PriceFirst, just in case you don’t know the Shakeology price I’ll break it down for you. If you order a bag of Shakeology you’ll get a full 30 day supply which comes to $4/day. If you order the individual packets of Shakeology you’ll only get 24 servings which comes to $5/day. The reason it costs more and you get less servings with the individual packets is simply because it costs more for the company to make it.

That is why I always recommend that you just get a bag of Shakeology since you get more for your money and you get the best possible Shakeology price. If you really want or need individual servings of Shakeology, then just buy some cheap zip lock bags and separate what you need. However, if you’re not on a tight budget, but you need the individual packets, then I say just go for it!

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Why Does It Cost So Much? – Shakeology Price

As I mentioned before, a lot of people get hung up on the price of Shakeology. When I’m talking about it with someone, usually the first or second question that they have about it is the Shakeology price. When I tell them the price of Shakeology sometimes people will give me funny looks. I know what they’re typically thinking, “WOW, that stuff is expensive!” However, once I explain to them exactly what’s inside Shakeology and what it does for them they quickly see the value behind it.

I figured the easiest way to explain Shakeology was to tell you in person via a video! So check out the video below where I explain more about Shakeology and it should open your eyes to the fact that it truly is an incredible bargain-


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Is It Worth The Price? – Shakeology Price

If you haven’t already checked out the above video, take the time to do so now. The short and sweet answer to that question if Shakeology is worth it is YES! It is worth every single penny and more!

Think about it…The Shakeology price is $4/serving. Shakeology has been designed as a meal replacement (which is exactly how I use it and how you should too). So you’re paying $4 for a meal that is 100% natural, filled with antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, pre-biotics, digestive enzymes, protein, vitamins and minerals, etc. etc. It literally has everything your body needs so that you maintain optimal health. See the complete list of ingredients here- Shakeology ingredients.

The Shakeology ingredient list, the fact that it’s 100% natural, and what those ingredients can do for you in itself should prove to you that the Shakeology price is totally worth every single cent and more. Again, Shakeology is incredible stuff and can help to lower your cholesterol, lose weight, improve your digestion and regularity, as well as to reduce your cravings and increase your energy.

How Do I Order It And Get the Best Possible Price? – Shakeology Price

As I mentioned in the video and above, to get the best Shakeology price you’ll want to order Shakeology on the home direct/autoship plan. That means you’ll get Shakeology each month so you don’t run out. One of the biggest benefits to getting it on autoship is that you get FREE shipping which saves you $$$! You’ll also get 2 free workout DVD’s and a convenient shaker cup in your second month’s shipment. That makes it really easy to take Shakeology with you if you’re on the go or short on time. I encourage you to go ahead and order yourself a bag of this stuff and try it for yourself by clicking the link below-

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How Can I Get A MAJOR Discount On It Or Even For FREE? – Shakeology Price

If you want to get the best possible Shakeology price and you are truly committed to improving your health and fitness then read on. I’m going to explain to you quickly how you can get an awesome discount on Shakeology. To get an incredible discount on it you would sign up as a Beachbody Coach. As a Coach you’ll get a 25% discount on Shakeology as well as be able to refer your family and friends to it and earn some extra cash.

If you just get 3 people on Shakeology autoship, then you’ll actually have your Shakeology COMPLETLY paid for so it will be FREE! It’s a lot easier to do than you may think, so it may be worth checking out. Here’s a link to a post I made about being getting a discount with the Shakeology price as a Coach- Shakeology discount.

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