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What to do After INSANITY – Your Next Move

What To Do After Insanity

What To Do After Insanity

If you have completed the 60 day Insanity Workout program, and are now asking yourself what to do after Insanity, let me congratulate you! You have accomplished something amazing and deserve some major praise! If you’re in the midst of your Insanity Workout program or are just starting out and are curious about what to do after Insanity, then listen up! One thing is for sure; make sure you give yourself a recovery week before moving onto your next program. Rest and recovery periods are just as important to fitness as the workouts themselves so be sure to factor rest into your choice of what to do after Insanity.Continue reading

What Is Shakeology? The Answers Revealed

What Is Shakeology

What Is Shakeology?

What is Shakeology? Good question! And it’s a question on the minds of many, especially after you’ve likely heard your fair share of positive Shakeology reviews and just can’t seem to find anything really negative about Shakeology anywhere. That kind of super-positive feedback all over the place can really make you wonder what is Shakeology and what makes it so special. As someone who has tried Shakeology and fallen in love with the flavor and the results, I am here to tell you once and for all what Shakeology is all about!

The Naked Truth: What is Shakeology?

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