P90X Fitness Test – Step By Step Instructions

P90X Fitness TestSo what the heck is the P90X Fitness Test? The P90X Fitness Test is the starting point with P90X. This the test you take prior to starting the program to make sure you are physically ready to do P90X. It will also help you to track the progress you’ve made with the program. At the end of 90 days with P90X you’ll be re-taking the P90X Fitness Test which will show you how much you’ve improved as a result of the program.

By the way, if you are researching how to take the P90X Fitness Test, you are obviously about to start the program (or deciding between a program). So I want to just say CONGRATS! Congrats for committing to creating a healthier, stronger YOU! To give yourself an added edge or advantage so you are more likely to stick with the program, make sure you create a free Team Beachbody account here. By doing so, you’ll get me as your personal success Coach and you’ll gain access to all kinds of helpful, free tools to help keep you motivated and so you ultimately succeed and accomplish your goals.

Who Should Take The P90X Fitness Test?

You’ll want to take the P90X Fit Test if you are starting P90X, but also if you just aren’t sure what program to do. Many times, people aren’t sure if they should do P90X, Insanity, or even Power 90. Taking the P90X Fit test is a great way to help you figure out what to do. If you totally bomb the test, then more then likely you aren’t ready for Insanity or P90X. In that case, you should do Power 90 first, and then move on to P90X or Insanity.

Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind For The P90X Fitness Test

Here’s a few tips and suggestions that will help you to make the best of the P90X Fit Test.

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  • Take the P90X Fitness Test about a week before starting P90X. This will make sure you aren’t going into the program sore. You’ll also obviously not want to take the P90X Fit Test if you’re muscles are sore. You want to be well rested so you can do your best.
  • Give yourself about an hour to do the test. You want to give yourself plenty of time so you’re not rushing through it or doing it halfway.
  • Make sure to read through the P90X Fit Test instructions (a download PDF can be found below) prior to taking the test and to record all of your results on it. It’s usually easier if you have a buddy help you with it so they can record your results.
  • Be honest with your results and how you do. This test is for YOU, so don’t exaggerate your numbers just so they look good on paper.

How To Take The P90X Fitness Test?

STEP 1: Download the P90X Fitness Test PDF by CLICKING HERE.

Download and print out the P90X Fitness Test PDF. As mentioned above, make sure you read through this guide front to back so you’re not fumbling around when you take the actual test. This is where you’ll write down your results. If you don’t know how to do a particular move, no problem I’ve got you covered (see step 2)!

STEP 2: Check Out The Below Video For A Walk-through Of How To Do The P90X Fitness Test.

If you’re confident and know how to do the P90X Fitness Test after just reading through the PDF guide, then feel free to skip this step. But if you’re not sure, then definitely watch it-

STEP 3: Take The P90X Fitness Test!

It’s go time! Take the P90X Fitness Test and make sure to remember the helpful tips I mentioned above. Also, if you end up doing a move differently, take notes on how you do it. It’s really important that you do this so that when you re-take the fit test at the end of your 90 days you do it the same exact way (so you get an accurate picture of your improvements).

STEP 4: Create Your Free Account & Contact Me If You Need Help.

As I mentioned earlier in the post, make sure you create your Free Team Beachbody account by clicking here. If you are serious about committing to P90X and STICKING with the program then you need to do this. This will allow you to track your workouts online, you’ll get access to various calculators that will give you information you NEED to know (caloric needs, target heart rate, etc. etc.), you’ll be able to connect with people just like you who are going through P90X, and lastly you’ll get ME as your personal Coach (all for free). So just do it and create your free account now.

STEP 5: Move On To The Next Steps NOW!

After you take the P90X Fitness Test make sure to finish any of the prep work that needs be done before starting P90X if you are planning to start the program. If you were taking the test to figure out what program you are going to do, then make the decision and just DO IT! Don’t spend weeks and weeks deciding what program you are going to start. Just make the decision and get rockin!


That’s it! Once you finish the above steps, you have successfully completed the P90X Fitness Test and you are ready to move on. I really hope you found my “P90X Fitness Test” blog post helpful. If you did, and this helped you to do the P90X Fitness Test, then share the love by sharing this page with your friends and family through your social media sites.

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