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So you’ve been surfing the net looking for a P90X affiliate program. This is the last site you’ll need to check out on your journey :-) because I’m going to give you all the details on the P90X affiliate program. Ok, so there is a P90X affiliate program, but quite frankly the payout just plain sucks. You get a measly $12 per sale and you can ONLY promote P90X. As affiliate marketers we all know that is a very low payout for a fitness program that is already heavily promoted. Ideally, we’d really like to get $20 plus per sale with any affiliate program. The higher the payout the better, because it makes all the time and effort we spend in putting together a website worth it.

P90X Affiliate ProgramLuckily, there is an alternative to the traditional P90X affiliate program. The company behind P90X has actually setup an incredible program that is WAY better than the P90X affiliate program that is in place. With this program you get 25% commission on ALL products that the company behind P90X offers (that means $30 for P90X)! You also get the names, email addresses, and in some cases the phone numbers of every single person that buys through you. The company actually helps YOU build a list. We all know that the money is in the list!

Traditional Affiliate Programs – P90X Affiliate Program

So with traditional affiliate programs this is typically what happens…

You setup a website, you get it ranked in Google, or you send paid traffic to it, and you wait for the sales to come in. If you start making sales, then you’ve found a winner and you continue to test it, and tweak it to get the highest CTR possible to your offer. After a person has bitten the bait and bought the product you’re offering, that’s it…You never see their name or ever get to reach out to them again. You maybe put an opt-in box or pop up on your site and you’re able to get some opt in’s, but of course you’re not able to capture everyone.

That’s the typical affiliate program, and the way the P90X affiliate program works. But as I mentioned earlier, the company behind P90X has set up something that is WAY better then that!

The INSIDE Details – P90X Affiliate Program

The company behind P90X, is called Beachbody. They created a program that allows anyone (18 years and up, and as of now only U.S. residents) to earn a whopping 25% commission on ALL of their products (over 130 products to promote). For a physical product, that is a HUGE payout! Amazon pays at a tiered schedule, but it starts at 4%, and most other physical products max out at around 10%. It gets even better though (that P90X affiliate program is looking worse and worse by the second)…

The HUGE Benefits – P90X Affiliate Program

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  • You control your customer’s information who buy through you. Beachbody WANTS you to build a relationship with these people, so they help you build your list for you! The money truly is in the list, and the larger your list, the more money you can make. Don’t forget though that you have to build a relationship with these people and add value!
  • Beachbody gives you their actual paying customers once you get to a certain level! That is HUGE! What company actually gives out their paying customers? The P90X affiliate program certainly doesn’t. I would say I get about 3-8 new customers each week. These are actual paying customers who have bought a product through Beachbody (they believe in the products), and I’ll get a commission on any new orders they place.
  • Beachbody spends $125+ million dollars in advertising each year. That is A LOT of money and it creates brand awareness on their products. If you flip through your TV channels on a Saturday morning, you will more then likely find an infomercial playing by Beachbody. People know the products, and they know the brands. So what does that mean for us? People are searching for them online!
  • You get a 25% discount on ALL products. This is chance to not only make some money helping people get fit and healthy, but it’s a good chance to improve you’re own health and fitness!
  • There are 8 ways to make money. With this program, there are 8 ways separate ways you can make money. I’ll post a video that will explain them.

When you join this program you are called a “Beachbody Coach.” That is a fancy way of saying that you help people get fit and healthy through the various programs and products that Beachbody offers. Don’t let the title scare you though, because you don’t need to be a fitness trainer, nutrition expert, body builder, or model to do this. I’m definitely none of those! :-)

8 Different Ways To Make Money As A Beachbody Coach – P90X Affiliate Program

With regular P90X affiliate program you only have 1 way to earn money (by selling P90X). As a Beachbody Coach you have 8 different ways that you can earn money. Check out the following video that explains it all-


The Cost – P90X Affiliate Program

WHAT!? Did I say, “The Cost” above? Yep! There is a cost to become a Beachbody Coach, unlike the P90X affiliate program and like most affiliate programs. I actually think that the fact there is a cost to join is a GOOD thing! Why? Because most affiliate marketers and fly by night operations see that and they move on. It helps to weed out the people who are looking to make a quick buck. This opportunity is a chance to build a long term business that will provide income for years to come. It’s NOT for fly by night operators, spammers, or the like.

So here’s the cost-

  • *$39.95- Your sign up fee (one time cost). You will get a Coach Starter Kit, access to your Coach Online Back Office (where you manage your business), 2 personal websites, etc.
  • $14.95- Per month (the initial $39.95 covers the first month). This covers the expenses to maintain your 2 websites, the Online Back Office, customer service, shipping, inventory, etc.

*The $39.95 sign up fee is waived if you purchase one of the Starter Packs when you sign up- Diamond Pack, Shakeology Starter Pack, or the Shakeology + Fitness Starter Pack.

As you can see the cost is really nothing compared to what the company provides. If you just get 2 people on P90X, then you’ve paid for the sign up fee and a month of the business service fees. If you then make at least 1 P90X sale a month then the program is paid for. When I signed up as a Coach I had ZERO affiliate marketing experience. I EASILY made a sale on P90X  during my first month as a Coach and now I’m earning a full time income. :-)

How To Truly Succeed – P90X Affiliate Program

Unlike most affiliate programs (and like the P90X affiliate program) where you’ve more then likely never even used the products for yourself, I highly recommend that you give Beachbody products a try. Specifically I recommend a product called Shakeology. This is something that even the most laziest, non active person :-) can use to help improve their health and fitness. It’s an ultra premium health shake that literally has everything your body needs for optimal health in one glass (and it tastes great). It’s designed as a meal replacement, so all you would do is replace one meal a day with Shakeology. My wife and I both PERSONALLY use this stuff and strongly believe in it. Here’s a link with more info on it – Shakeology.

If you truly want to be successful as a Beachbody Coach, then you really need to believe in the programs and products. That’s what sets apart a poor performing Coach from a successful Coach. People can see right through you if you are just trying to sell, sell, sell, and you don’t believe in the products. That is why I always recommend that my new Coaches get on Shakeology and use it for themselves. You’ll not only be improving your own health and fitness, but you’ll be helping your bank account because you can genuinely talk about the products and help people with them.

How To Join – P90X Affiliate Program

If you’re ready to join the team, then here’s what you’ll need to do to sign up-

1. ==>Click Here To Sign Up And To Join The Team<==

a. Make sure where it says at the top, “Already have an account?” choose no, and then fill out the application.
b. While completing the application you’ll want to get on Shakeology (you can get a bag of Shakeology on the 3rd page), or you can get one of the 3 Starter Packs.

2. Once you complete the application, you’ll then hear from me and I’ll help you get up and going.

Have Questions? – P90X Affiliate Program

Then call or email me and I’ll gladly answer any questions that you have! Just click here to go to my contact page to get my contact info. This is what I do full time and I’m having a lot of success with this P90X affiliate program on steroids! :-) I want to see everyone on my team have the same success so don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Still Not Convinced? – P90X Affiliate Program

If you still aren’t sure if this is right for you, then check out this video featuring some Beachbody Coaches and to hear how much they are making. I don’t think anyone in the traditional P90X affiliate program is making this kind of money-


==> Click Here To Join The Team <==

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