P90X Day 70 Completed: Rest or X Stretch

Ahhhhhhh! I just finished a nice and relaxing session of X Stretch! It felt great to stretch out all of my muscles! Prior to starting the P90X workout I really hated stretching and I usually did very little stretching before working out. I hated it because I’ve always been very inflexible. Since I’ve been doing pretty much daily stretches with P90X I’ve gotten 100% better at it, which has made it more enjoyable. After doing a week of hardcore workouts, it feels great to end the week with a nice stretching session!

I was hoping today was going to be a nice and relaxing day! I was going to just knock out my errands first thing in the morning and then relax the rest of the day. Unfortunately, my To Do list keeps growing and growing so it looks like that’s not going to happen! O well, I guess I should have figured that was going to happen. I think my wife and I are going to hang out with some friends tonight, so I’ll get a chance to relax then!

Only 20 more days to go of P90X! I’ve got to do the Chest & Back workout tomorrow. I LOVE this workout because it’s full of simple but very effective push ups and pull ups!

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