Reviews Of Shakeology

Ok, so you’ve been searching the internet for REAL reviews of Shakeology. Well, your search has come to an end! I wanted to make this post so that you can read and hear some reviews of Shakeology from actual users of the product. So let’s get going!

Reviews Of Shakeology – What Is This Stuff?

reviews of shakeology

Reviews Of Shakeology

If you stumbled upon my site and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about regarding this Shakeology stuff, then go to this post on my site to learn more about it- Shakeology. You likely though know what this stuff is all about if you’ve gotten this far and are looking for reviews of Shakeology. Here’s a quick run down what Shakeology says that it can do for you-

  • Reduce Cravings & Lose Weight
  • Increase Energy & Stamina
  • Improve Digestion & Regularity
  • Lower Cholesterol

So does this stuff really work and does what it says it can do? Well read on to find out! :-)

Reviews Of Shakeology – Review #1, ME!

Shakeology Review

Reviews Of Shakeology

I figured I’d start off the reviews of Shakeologywith my personal review. My wife and I both use this stuff on a daily basis and it has really been critical to our success when it comes to accomplishing our health and fitness goals. Ever since I started P90X and embarked on my never-ending trek to live a healthy fitness driven lifestyle, one aspect of that trek had always been a major issue for me. That was ensuring that I got all of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. into my body each and every day. I had heard some awesome reviews of Shakeology from numerous people and all of the great benefits to using it…but honestly, I was a little skeptical. It almost sounded too good to be true and usually when that’s the case, it is.

With my experience from using other Beachbody products though (P90X, Insanity, P90X Recovery Drink, etc.), I had never seen them put out a product that doesn’t live up to what they say it’s going to do. I decided that with my positive experience from their other products, the great reviews of Shakeology, and with the Bottom of the Bag Guarantee that they have, I figured I had nothing to lose! I went ahead and ordered the Chocolate Shakeology in the bag on the auto ship plan (aka Home Direct). I did that because I wanted to save the most possible money on this stuff (you get free shipping on the autoship/home direct plan).

So I got my first bag of Shakeology, and I excitedly mixed it and gave it a try and I was in love from the first taste! :-) You see, I’m a TOTAL chocolate lover (one of my downfalls) and if something says “chocolate” I expect it to actually taste like real chocolate and to be good. The Shakeology Chocolate tasted INCREDIBLE and literally tastes like a chocolate smoothie. I’ve tasted a lot of “wannabe'” healthy chocolate shakes, and this one actually tastes like chocolate and is GOOD! :-)

Ever since that day that I tried Shakeology for the first time I’ve used it ever since and haven’t looked back! The reviews of Shakeology were 100% correct. It has given me more energy that I need to get through my workouts and the daily grind, it has reduced my cravings, and it literally has everything my body needs to help keep me healthy and fit. So for you video lovers, here’s a quick video of me basically stating everything above but with a little more info-

Reviews of Shakeology – My Video Review


Reviews Of Shakeology – More Reviews!

I of course just didn’t want to limit my reviews of Shakeology just to my review! I want you to hear and see other real reviews of shakeology from people using it.

Reviews of Shakeology – Review #2

Reviews of Shakeology – Review #3

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Reviews of Shakeology – Review #108

Reviews Of Shakeology - Debbie


Reviews Of Shakeology – How Do I Get This Stuff?

Ok, so by now you’re probably tired of reading the reviews of Shakeology and just ready to start using this stuff! :-) To get your own bag of Shakeology, go ahead and order it now by clicking here or by using the big red button below. Remember to make sure you order it on the Autoship plan (aka Home Direct) so that you get free shipping, the free workout DVD’s and the free shaker cup your second month.

YES! I Want To Try Shakeology Now!

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I’m Tired Of Reading The Reviews Of Shakeology – I Want To Try It For Myself!

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