Shakeology Alternative?

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Shakeology Alternative

Shakeology Alternative

I’m always looking for something cheaper and more effective than whatever I’m using at the moment so looking for a Shakeology alternative just made sense. When I first heard about Shakeology, I balked. At $4 a meal, it’s downright expensive. Do the math, and you’re easily spending over one hundred dollars on this drink each month. Unless there’s something really really special about Shakeology, it might be better to try and find some kind of Shakeology alternative.

Is there really such a thing as a Shakeology alternative? Does anything even come close? Sure, there are other protein powders and shakes out there, and they all do their job more or less. You get the post-workout protein and simple sugars you need to recover for the next workout, but you’re missing out on so much more. It’s not just about proteins and carbohydrates. Your body needs vitamins and other nutrients.

What Does Shakeology Replace? – Shakeology Alternative

There is no Shakeology alternative because there is no other product on the market today that can quickly and easily replace an entire grocery list full of fruits and vegetables from ALL over the world. Let’s face it. You know you should eat more fruits and veggies, but it’s very difficult in practice. You’ve gotta be munching on carrots and apples all day. When you’re busy, fruits and veggies are one of the first things to go. You’ll opt for the basics, the meat and potatoes, because they fill you up faster.

When you have Shakeology, you no longer need to worry about getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. Shakeology is jam packed full of them. In fact, just one shake a day will give you the nutrients you need to perform at your best, both in the gym and at work. Plus, Shakeology provides an added energy boost when you’re feeling tired. I personally like to have a shake around 2 P.M. to beat the afternoon blahs. It boosts my productivity and gets me fired up for the rest of the day.

Sure, you could try to look for a Shakeology alternative, but you’re not likely to find anything that can so easily replace all of those nutrients. You’ll get your proteins and simple sugars, but you’ll still need to make an extra trip to the grocery store to pick up piles and piles of vegetables. You’ll also need to hop on a plan and make a quick trip around the world to get the various exotic fruits and veggies that are in Shakeology! :-)

==>YES! I Want To Try Shakeology!<==

What Are You Really Paying For With Shakeology? – Shakeology Alternative

From my experience, that $4 per shake price tag is just like any other convenience. You’re paying it so you can save yourself the time it takes to prepare and consume massive quantities of fruits and vegetables. It’s like going to McDonalds or any other fast food joint, but it’s 1,000 times healthier for you, and it keeps you on track for achieving your personal fitness goals.

Back when I was eating poorly, I wouldn’t think to stop off and grab a candy bar whenever I was hungry or at an energy low. Now that I’ve got Shakeology, I don’t have to. I’m sure there are plenty conveniences that you’ve paid extra for in the past. Ask yourself whether Shakeology is really any different. Convenience food is horrible for you. It is not a Shakeology alternative.

p90x shakeology alternativeAlright. There is NO Shakeology Alternative. How Can I Get Some At A Discount?

Once you realize that there is no true Shakeology alternative, you can take that first step and start to incorporate it into your diet today. Right now, you’re able to save about $10 on Shakeology with free shipping. To ensure you save that money with free shipping, make sure when you order your Shakeology that you choose the Monthly Autoship option. This will not only give you the free shipping, but you’ll also get 2 FREE workout DVD’s, a FREE shaker cup with your 2nd month’s shipment and you’ll get ME as your personal online fitness Coach to help support and motivate you (all for free). So click the following link now so you can be well on your way to a healthier, more fit you asap-

==>YES! I Want To Try Shakeology!<==


What Flavor Should I Get And What If I Absolutely Hate It? – Shakeology Alternative

That’s a great question! The flavor I highly recommend you get is the Chocolate flavor in the bag so you get a full 30 day serving. The Chocolate tastes delicious and it tastes like a Chocolate Frosty (you know, that unhealthy Chocolate shake thing you can get from Wendy’s). I honestly don’t recommend the Greenberry flavor to start. You either hate Greenberry or you love it. I personally hate it. So to be on the safe side you I highly recommend you go for the Chocolate flavor.

Lastly, if you totally just hate it, then no problem! All you’ve got to do is mail ME the Shakeology you don’t use (just kidding :-)), and then mail back the empty Shakeology bag within 30 days of your purchase to get all of your money back (obviously less s&h). So you’ll only be out $2 to $3 that it costs to mail back the empty bag. Try going to GNC or another health food store with the empty container of a product and ask for your money back! They will probably laugh in your face!

So go ahead and order your Shakeology now by clicking here! I hope that you enjoyed my “Shakeology Alternative” post! If you did enjoy it, then make sure you share my Shakeology Alternative page on all of your favorite social sites!

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