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Where To Buy ShakeologyLooking for where to buy Shakeology? Your search has come to an end because I’m going to show you the best possible place to get yourself some Shakeology. I’m going to show you how you can instantly save money when you order (with free shipping), and how you can get a ton of really valuable freebies with your order.

Where To Buy Shakeology?

The best place on where to buy Shakeology is through a Beachbody Coach (like myself :-)). By doing so, you’ll be ordering directly from the manufacturer (Team Beachbody) which will ensure you get what you pay for and that you’re able to get the discounts and freebies. Here’s just a few of the benefits for ordering through this site-

  • Free Fitness Coaching. You’ll get a free fitness Coach (me :o) ) to help support and motivate you. My goal is to see that you accomplish ALL of your health and fitness goals.
  • Bottom Of The Bag Guarantee. If for some reason you don’t like your Shakeology, you can return the empty bag within 30 days and get all of your money back (less s&h). The most you’ll be out is $2 or $3 to mail back the empty bag.

PLUS, below I’ll be showing you how you can…

  • Save an instant $10 with free shipping.
  • Get FREE workout DVD’s.
  • Get a FREE shaker cup (makes it really convenient and easy to take your Shakeology with you when you’re on the go).

 ==>Click HERE To Buy Shakeology<==

Why Shakeology? – Where To Buy Shakeology

Shakeology is incredible stuff and is the one and only supplement that I confidently recommend to everyone including my closest family and friends. It literally has everything that your body needs so that you have more energy, lose weight, reduce your food cravings, increase your stamina, and promote healthy digestion and regularity. It almost all sounds too good to be true. I was personally very skeptical before jumping on board and using this stuff (see my recent post here- Shakeology Scam), but now I’m a true believer in it. If you want more details on why Shakeology, check out this post where I go more in depth on what’s inside the shiny black bag- Shakeology ingredients.

Save An Instant $10 – Where To Buy Shakeology

Now we’re getting into the nitty gritty on where to buy Shakeology. In this section I’m going to walk you through step by step on how to save an instant $10 with free shipping. This is also what you’ll what to do so that you get the free workout DVD’s, and you’ll get the free Shaker Cup with your second month’s shipment.

Basically what you’ll want to do when you order Shakeology is to order it on the monthly Autoship. By doing this you’ll get all of the freebies I mentioned above (the free shipping, the free workout DVD’s, and the free Shaker Cup with your second month’s shipment). You’ll also get your Shakeology automatically each month so you don’t ever have to worry about running out. If you ever decide you want to cancel your autoship it is is super easy to do (just email Team Beachbody telling them you want to cancel).

Here’s the step by step instructions-

Step 1 – Go To The Shakeology Order Page

 ==>Click HERE To Order Shakeology<==

Step 2 – Select Your Shakeology Flavor

Step 2 - Select Shakeology Flavor

I highly, highly recommend the Chocolate flavor. It tastes incredible! With the Greenberry flavor you either hate it or love it (I personally hate it).

Step 3 – Select Your Serving Size

Step 3 - Select A Shakeology Serving Size

I reccomend the bag so that you get a full 30 day supply of Shakeology versus only 24 with the individual packets. It is completely up to you though!

Step 4 – Leave Order Type As Monthly Autoship

Step 4 - Choose Order Type For Shakeology

*This should automatically be selected, but make sure to choose the Monthly Autoship option so that you get the FREE shipping. You’ll also get the other freebies that I mentioned- a convenient shaker cup your second month and the free workout DVD’s. You can cancel at anytime.

Step 5 – Add To Cart And Checkout

Step 5 - Add To Cart & Checkout To Order Shakeology
Just click add to cart, and then checkout and you have successfully ordered Shakeology!

What If I Only Want A 1 Month Supply – Where To Buy Shakeology

I still then highly recommend that you order your Shakeology on the monthly autoship even if you only want a one month supply. Saving the instant $10 with free shipping (and getting the free workout DVD’s) makes it all worth it. You’ll then just need to take forty five seconds to email Team Beachbody and tell them that you’d like to cancel your monthly autoship. Make sure to do this before 30 days pass so you don’t get another shipment.

I really hope that you found my “Where To Buy Shakeology” blog post helpful! If you did, then make sure to share this info on where to buy Shakeology by clicking any of the links below.

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