Staying Motivated During P90X

p90x motivationIt is inevitable that you will have days during your P90X workout that you won’t have much motivation to workout. When you don’t have much motivation to workout, it’s easy to start making excuses on why you can’t or shouldn’t workout. These excuses could ultimately lead to you skipping your workout or giving less than 100% effort. When you’re feeling less than enthusiastic to do your P90X workout, try the below to get you pumped and excited for your workout!

1) Look at your Before Pictures. Pull out your before pictures and take a look at them. That is where you’ve come from, and what you don’t want to go back to.  As hard as it is to make the lifestyle change you’ve made with P90X, it is so extremely easy to step backwards and go back into your old habits. Don’t let today be the day you are going to step back to your old self. Commit to giving today’s workout 110% and do it now. Sometimes just looking at your before pictures may be enough to keep you motivated. It may be a good idea to post your before pictures somewhere you will see them every day.

2) Think about your “Why” for doing P90X. Why exactly did you start P90X in the first place? Was it to lose weight, tone up, or build muscles? What will losing those extra pounds, toning up, or bulking up do for your health? Think about the reasons you originally made the commitment to do P90X. Re-commit to accomplishing your P90X goals.

3) Find a partner to workout with in your home or to workout with virtually. On the days where I had very little motivation to workout, I’d get my wife to workout with me. Workout with your spouse, or get a friend to workout with you. If you like to compete, make the workout a fun competition to see who can do more reps, more weight, etc. Sign up for a free Beachbody account and join a virtual workout group in the WOWY SuperGym. There are thousands and thousands of people on the same P90X journey you are on who are working out daily in the WOWY SuperGym. Connecting with others online at TeamBeachbody is an easy way stay motivated and to be held accountable for your workouts.

4) Try working out first thing in the morning. Working out in the evenings may be more convenient for your schedule, but you may also be more likely to skip your workouts.  Being too tired, or too busy with other things are just a few excuses that are easy to make when working out in the evenings. Try getting up earlier so you can do your workouts first thing in the morning. Make it part of your daily morning routine.

As mentioned above, if you haven’t already signed up for a free Beachbody account, make sure to do so now. You’ll get me as your personal Beachbody Coach to help keep you motivated and you will gain access to tons of free resources to help keep you on track. I hope you have an AWESOME workout today with P90X, or with whatever Beachbody program you’re doing!

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