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P90X Fit Test Results & P90X Fit Test Video

Only 2 more days until I start the P90X workout! Yesterday evening I completed the P90X fit test (that’s why I wasn’t able to post). If you’re about to start the P90X workout, then you should definitely make sure to do the fit test prior to starting P90X. The fit test ensures you are at a fitness level that is adequate to be able to get through the P90X program, and will show how much you’ve improved after completing P90X (you will take the fit test again at the completion of P90X).

Here are the P90X fit test pages from the P90X Fitness Guide as a PDF document (click here). You can print this out and use it to write down your P90X fit test results as well as your body measurements.Continue reading

P90X Coupon Code and P90X Discounts

Looking to get a P90X coupon code, P90X promo code or a Beachbody coupon code? Well unfortunately, to my knowledge there aren’t any P90X coupon codes available, but there are discounts available for the P90X and all other Beachbody products. There is a 10% discount available and a 25% discount available. Continue reading to find out how to get these discounts.

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P90X Equipment

P90X Equipment- What do you need to do the P90X workout?

Below is the minimum P90X gear that you’ll need to get through the program:

  1. P90X DVD’s (“P90X Training System”)– Comes with the 12 workout P90X DVD’s, a nutrition plan, and a fitness guide.
  2. P90X Pull Up Bar– This is a must since 3 of the 12 P90X DVD’s use the pull up bar.
  3. Resistance Bands or Dumbbells– Either of these will work, but you need at least one or the other. I’m using dumbbells that I bought from Wal-Mart (it was a set that goes up to 20lbs on each dumbbell, I paid about $40 for it). The resistance bands are great for when you travel.Continue reading

P90X Workout Blog Complete! Countdown to Start My P90X Workout Journey

Phewww!!! I’m for the most part finished setting up my P90X Workout Blog. It has taken a lot longer then I had expected. It will definitely always be a work in progress though.

Now it’s time to start counting down the days until I officially start the P90X workout! The date that I have set on when I’ll start P90X is on Sunday, January 17th, 2009. Continue reading

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