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Insanity ResultsMy Insanity Results are in!!! It’s crazy to say this, but I just finished my FIRST round of Insanity! If you would have asked me about this time last year if I thought I would have ever attempt to even try this program, I would have laughed at you very loudly! :-) At that point I was just starting my first round of P90X, and that program alone seemed like a HUGE mountain to get over. Insanity was like the Mount Everest of fitness programs and is focused on my biggest weakness at that time, endurance and cardio. That’s why I’m so pumped up to tell you about my Insanity results.

First, before I jump into my Insanity results, let me give you an overview of this program in case you don’t know about it…

Insanity Results – What Is This Crazy “Insanity” Program All About?

Insanity is an intense total body conditioning fitness program that is designed to give you  “insane” insanity results in just 60 days. It is focused on cardio activities to build strength, speed, and endurance that will help you burn through tons and tons of calories to sculpt a lean, mean, ripped body! :-) Insanity has been billed as the most intense workout ever put on DVD so when I say intense, I mean INTENSE! During some of the workouts you’ll burn over 1,000 calories. With that kind of calorie burn, you know that the exercises have to be quick and that you will get crazy insanity results if you stick with it!

The fitness trainer who created this madness to make sure you get crazy insanity results is Shaun T. He based it on “years of study plus his collegiate track and field training.” The method that he employs in Insanity is called “Max Interval Training.” Typically in interval workouts, you are working out in short, high intensity intervals…Well Insanity basically flips it the other way around and you are doing maximum high intensity exercises with short periods of rest. It’s a method that works and will give you awesome insanity results!

One thing that I LOVE about Insanity is that the only equipment you use is your body weight. That means you don’t need to go out and buy equipment, you don’t have find a place in your home to store any equipment, and it makes it really easy to get your workouts done when you travel. My wife and I had to go out of town unexpectedly during our 2nd month of Insanity, and we just brought a laptop with us and we did our workouts in our hotel room.

So one other thing I did want to mention, is that Insanity is NOT a program for beginners. If you are debating between doing Insanity and P90X, check out this post where I talk about both programs- P90X Or Insanity.

Lastly, here’s a quick video that will let you see for yourself what Insanity is about and to help you imagine the Insanity results you can get-

Insanity Results – What Were My Goals I Was Trying To Accomplish?

I of course wanted to get some insane insanity results :-), but the biggest goal for me, is that I wanted to finish the program. As you know now, this is an extremely intense program that is focused on cardio. Cardio workouts have always been my weakness. I wanted a fitness program that would challenge that weakness head on and I figured Insanity would do the trick. So for me, just finishing Insanity would be a huge accomplishment. Also, prior to doing Insanity I did 2 rounds of P90X. After the 2 rounds of P90X, I was ripped and in the best shape of my life. After the 2nd round I didn’t commit to starting a program immediately…That was a MAJOR mistake! I ended up going a few months of not being on a program. I would do workouts here and there, but I honestly was not working out like I should. I took a step backwards, but I still was following a healthy eating plan so I didn’t go completely back to my old ways.

One day I ended up watching a video that I had made of myself doing some pull ups after my 2nd round of P90X (I was in the process of putting together my P90X transformation video), and I noticed how ripped that I had gotten. At that point, I knew that I had to commit to do another fitness program. So my second major “insanity results” goal was to get ripped and toned like I was after P90X. I wanted to get that six pack back!

Insanity Results – OK, Just Show Me Your Insanity Results!

Alright, so you want to find out my Insanity results!! Well here is an overview of my Insanity results after my first 60 days of madness with Shaun T-

  • Lost 1 inch in my waist (got back down to where I was at after P90X round 2).
  • Lost 5 pounds (again back down to where I was after P90X round 2).
  • Lost half of inch around my hips.
  • GREATLY increased my endurance.
  • I’ve got my six pack back. :-)
  • GREATLY increased the strength in my legs.

The true test of my endurance and strength will be when my wife and I re-take the Insanity Fit Test. We are doing that sometime today so that will give me an even better idea of my Insanity results. I’ll update this section once we’ve re-taken the fit test with my final Insanity results.

So here are my Insanity Results pictures! :-) I’m always somewhat embarrassed when posting pictures of myself here on my blog, but I hope they will inspire and motivate you to want to do Insanity so that you can get awesome Insanity results for yourself!

Click on the pictures below to see the full size image-

Insanity Result

Insanity Results - Before & After Front

Insanity Before and After Pictures

Insanity Results - Before & After Back

Insanity Results – How Do I Buy Insanity For Myself?

If you are ready for the Insanity challenge and want to get crazy Insanity results, then just click here or click the big button below to get the program for yourself. It truly is an incredible program that will push you to your limits and right up to that edge so that you get incredible Insanity results in just 60 days. By ordering through this blog you’ll get a free Insanity workout DVD called, “Fast and Furious.” This is a 45 minute long workout that is packed into just 20 minutes! :-) That makes it a great workout to do when you are short on time, while at the same time ensuring to maximize your Insanity results.

If you aren’t quite ready yet to do Insanity, make sure to at least sign up for a free Team Beachbody account by clicking here to get me as your personal fitness Coach. I’ll be there for you as a resource to help support and motivate you along your fitness and health journey.

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