Insanity Workout Update- The Hardest Cardio I’ve Ever Done In My Life

Today is day 47 of the Insanity workout and I’ve finally set aside some time to post an update on my progress! It’s been an INCREDIBLE journey with Insanity. Did I say it’s been INCREDIBLE? Because it has! :-) Insanity has pushed me to the limits and right up to that edge which has allowed me to get great workouts. It has honestly been the hardest cardio that I’ve ever done in my life! During the workouts I get to breathing so hard and so deep (am I’m still talking about Insanity here?! :-) Just kidding…) that I HAVE to stop to take a second to catch my breath. I’ve never felt or experienced this kind of deep breathing before.

I made this video yesterday where I talk about how Insanity has gone so far, the difference between the regular workouts and the Max workouts, and what our plans are after my wife and I finish Insanity. Check it out and do me a favor and share this post if you’ve find it helpful-

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I hope you and your family have an WONDERFUL Christmas and happy holidays!

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