P90X Week 11 & 12 Update

P90XWeek 11 of the P90X workout is over and week 12 has begun! This is the last week of the main workouts, and then I go into the final Recovery Week! My wife, Jen started P90X with me and this past Friday she left to go on a mission trip with her church for a week. When we originally started this round of P90X (this is my second round and this is her first round) we thought we had scheduled it so she would only miss the last Recovery Week. Obviously we screwed up and can’t count so she will unfortunately miss this week of P90X.

When she gets back from the mission trip she is immediately going to start training for a half marathon that is in a few months. For her training she is going to do a modified version of Insanity along with weekly runs. So that means she is done P90X for now! While she wasn’t able to do the entire P90X program she has had some awesome results. When she gets back we plan on re-taking her measurements and her pictures to get her final P90X results.

So that leaves me to finish these last few weeks of P90X! This past week went great (it flew by!), but today’s workout didn’t go all that well. I honestly haven’t felt like working out all day, but I finally pushed myself and I did my workouts. Today was Ab Ripper X and Chest, Shoulders & Triceps. The workout actually went pretty good physically, but it was a struggle to get through it mentally. Everything inside my head was telling me to pause the DVD or to stop the workout all together. I kept going though and I was able to get through the workouts. It felt really good to finish, but it was a constant battle throughout the workout.

If you ever have a day like I’ve had today, just do your best to keep going! Think about your goals and reasons why you made the commitment to do P90X. Look at your before pictures. Do whatever it takes to push yourself to do your workout and to finish your workout! Keep pushing play! :-)

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