P90X Day 15 Completed: Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X

P90X Chest and Back

P90X Chest and Back

Day 15 of the P90X workout is done! Today was Chest and Back and Ab Ripper X. P90X Chest and back went great today! I really pushed myself and was able to add 1 pull up to each of the different pull ups (on both sets). Also, for the push ups I added 1-2 reps on the first set of push ups. For the second set of push ups, I added 1-2 reps to the push ups with the exception of the Decline Push Ups, and the Dive-Bomber Push Ups. By the time I got to those exercises my arms were exhausted so I stayed at the same reps for the Decline Push-Ups and I ended up going down 2 Dive-Bomber Push Ups from last week. For the exercises where you use the dumbbells (or resistance bands) I added 5 pounds to my dumbbells and stuck within the 8-10 rep range.

After looking at my P90X Worksheet, I’ve definitely made some very good progress within the first 2 weeks of the P90X workout. I’ve added 24 push ups and 12 pull ups to the P90X Chest and Back workout from week 1. That’s a 20% increase in push ups, and 32% increase in pull ups. I’m somewhat worried though that I won’t be able to keep adding reps like I’ve been doing. However, the P90X workout is designed with a training technique called “muscle confusion” to prevent your body from reaching a plateau. Therefore, I’m hoping I will be able to continue adding reps. Today was actually the last day I’ll be doing the P90X Chest and Back workout for awhile. I won’t be using that P90X DVD again until week 9. I can’t wait for the end of this week, so I can take my day 30 photos, and compare them to my P90X before photos!

Ab Ripper X went so-so today. I was doing well until I noticed a wet spot on our ceiling! Saturday evening we had about 7 inches of snow come down and our roof is still covered in snow. It’s obviously started to melt today, and somehow the water has got underneath the shingles and is leaking into our house. After seeing that spot, I was not at all focused on the workout. I was just anxious to get through it so I could go up into the attic to see where the water is coming from. I ended up taking my usual 3 breaks and when I got to the Mason Twist, I stopped at about 20 reps. I just couldn’t push myself through this time without stopping. I was definitely more focused on that stupid wet spot than on my workout. I will really need to “bring it” on Tuesday when I do Ab Ripper X again to make up for it!

Nutrition for today-

Breakfast: Bowl of Fiber One cereal, and a protein shake.

Mid-Morning: Protein shake.

Lunch: Sandwich with turkey and a slice of provolone cheese (on whole wheat bread).

Mid-Afternoon: Protein shake and some grape juice.

Dinner: Peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich (it was made with splenda, so no sugar).

After-Dinner: Protein shake.

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