P90X Day 8 Completed: Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X

P90X Diamond Push Ups

P90X Diamond Push Ups

Phewwwww! Day 8 of my P90X workout is complete. Today was Chest and Back, and Ab Ripper X. I did Ab Ripper X first this time, and it actually seemed to go better. I still had to pause the P90X DVD like usual between some of the exercises though. Also, when I got to the Mason Twist I ended up stopping at the 10th rep (I’m really mad at myself for doing that) and taking a quick break. Ab Ripper X is a tough workout and I hope one day I can get through it without stopping!

The P90X Chest and Back workout went great! I was able to add a rep to all of the pull up exercises. For the push ups I was able to add 1-2 reps, except for the Dive-Bomber (I just couldn’t push out anymore). I still haven’t had a chance to go to the store to buy more plates for my dumbbells, so I added a few more reps for the Heavy Pants, Lawnmowers, & Back Flys exercises.

As expected, this weekend was really rough for my P90X diet (and was just a rough weekend overall). My wife and I went to North Carolina on Saturday to visit my grandmother. For lunch we meet her at the mall and we had Chick-fil-a. I had a grilled chicken sandwich and a cup of fruit (not too bad). But then when we got back to her home, she gave us brownies to eat for desert. I had 1 small brownie. For dinner, she made a pot roast in the crock pot that had chuck roast, carrots, potatoes (not good for the diet), and onions in it. Then of course after dinner she gave us more brownies (I had 2 small brownies).

Today for breakfast we had an orange, turkey sausage, and eggs (so that actually wasn’t so bad). For lunch we went to Bojangles, so I got a grilled chicken sandwich and green beans (lots of sodium, and just not all that healthy). For dinner I just had a berry smoothie with whey protein (the same smoothie that I had on P90X day 5), and then I did the P90X workout. After my workout I had a protein shake. I also ordered more of the P90X Recovery drink, so I’m really anxious for that to come.

As I said earlier, this weekend was just a rough weekend overall. My grandfather passed away in July of 2009, and my grandmother is still definitely not over it. I totally understand that she isn’t completely over it though, because they were married for 62 years. However, it felt like the entire weekend she either talked about Granddaddy (that’s what we called him), or talked about different peoples’ weight or issues they were having. It was just really depressing because each time she was talking about Granddaddy she broke down into tears or was on the verge of breaking down.

Maybe I should be more understanding. I mean, do you ever get over something like that? They were married for 62 years, which is almost a lifetime. I can’t imagine (and don’t want to imagine) ever losing my wife. I probably do need to be more sensitive.

Talking about peoples’ weight though is a whole different story. She’s the type of old lady that will say something directly to your face about your weight (woman & men). Me Maw actually started talking to Jenny (my wife) about her brother’s weight (Jenny’s brother is overweight). Me Maw has also made comments about Jenny’s weight before (how she used to be fat).

Jenny ended up breaking down crying the car ride back from being upset about Granddaddy, and about Me Maw talking about her brother’s weight and other peoples’ weight. I just wish Me Maw wasn’t like that and understood how much it hurts when you make comments like that.

Well, sorry about going off on a tangent there!!!! I’m just glad the weekend is over and I’m pumped to start another week of P90X!!!!

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