P90X Day 54 Completed: P90X Core Synergistics

P90X Leaning Crescent Lunges

P90X Leaning Crescent Lunges

Today is day 54 of my P90X workout, and I just completed Core Synergistics. The workout actually didn’t go as well as I had hoped! I had planned on increasing my weight to 15 pounds for all of the exercises, but I didn’t even get past the Leaning Crescent Lunges doing that. Tony Horton recommends using light weight during that exercise anyways (no more than 10 pounds), so I guess I should have listened to him! I did maybe five or so lunges with the 15 pound dumbbells, and I had to pause the P90X DVD and reduce the weight. I then just started the exercise over from the beginning with the 10 pound dumbbells. After that exercise, I decided to continue using the 10 pounds dumbbells for the remaining exercises that used weight.

I don’t feel like I did worse than I did on P90X day 51, but I don’t think I did any better, so I’m a little disappointed. My wife has just gotten over being sick (sore throat, headache, stuffy nose, etc.) and I’m afraid that I may have caught what she had (I’ve been feeling pretty crappy today). I definitely didn’t have as much energy as I had yesterday before X Stretch; I should have just done Core yesterday anyways! I guess there will always be good days, and there will be bad days!

Now that Core Synergistics is over, the rest of the week is going to be pretty easy. I have Yoga X tomorrow, and then X Stretch on Saturday. Then I’ll officially be in Phase 3 of P90X! I’m really excited to get back into the Chest & Back, and Shoulders & Arms workouts!

Nutrition for today-

Breakfast: Bowl of Fiber One cereal, and a protein shake.

Mid-Morning: Protein shake.

Lunch: Turkey sandwich with provolone cheese, and extra virgin olive oil dressing.

Mid-Afternoon: Protein shake and P90X Recovery drink after Core Synergistics.

Dinner: I’m not sure what we’ll be having for dinner this evening. My wife and I finally made it to the grocery store last night so hopefully it’ll be something good!

After-Dinner: Protein shake.

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