P90X Day 80 Completed: Back & Biceps, Ab Ripper X

P90X Corn Cob Pull Ups

P90X Corn Cob Pull Ups

I just finished day 80 of my P90X workout! Today was Back & Biceps and Ab Ripper X. I did Ab Ripper X first today, because I knew if  I tried to do it after Back & Biceps I wouldn’t be able to give it 100%. Both of the workouts went great and my muscles were exhausted after I finished Back & Biceps!

Ab Ripper X went really well with the exception I had to stop in the middle of the workout because someone rung my door bell. When I went to the door, of course it was a salesperson (he was trying to sell me phone service) so I told him I wasn’t interested and I quickly went back to Ab Ripper X. The Fifer Scissor exercise was painful today, but I did all of the reps and I didn’t let my legs touch the ground. I also did all of the reps for all of the other exercises as well.

During Back & Biceps I increased my reps and I also increased the amount of weight I used for many of the exercises. For all of the back exercises I used 30 pounds dumbbells with the exception of the Seated Bent Over Back Flys (I used 25 pounds dumbbells for that exercise). When I was doing the Congdon Locomotives I did have to pause the P90X DVD to take a short break when I got to the 25th rep. For the Curl exercises I went up to 30 pounds dumbbells for some of the exercises, but I pretty quickly went back down to 25 pound dumbbells since my biceps were getting worn out.

Lastly, I increased my reps for all of the pull up exercises with the exception of the Corn Cob Pull Ups. I did the same number of reps that I did on P90X day 66. I was hoping to finally increase my reps with that exercises, but I just wasn’t able to push out another rep with proper form. I guess I’ll just have to wait for P90X round 2 to do more Corn Cob Pull Ups! I’m pretty sad about that! Actually not really!! :-)

Only 9 more days of P90X to go! For anyone who is doing P90X, keep giving the workouts 100%!!!

Nutrition for today-

Breakfast: Bowl of Fiber One cereal and a protein shake.

Mid-Morning: Protein shake.

Lunch: Fish taco with tuna, black beans, a little bit of shredded cheese, and some salsa.

Mid-Afternoon: Protein shake and P90X Recovery drink after Back & Biceps and Ab Ripper X. Also had some beef jerky.

Dinner: Tonight I’m going to have the last of the shrimp and some broccoli. It’s time to go to Sam’s Club to get some more shrimp!

After-Dinner: Protein shake.

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