P90X Day 89 Completed: P90X Core Synergistics

P90X Core Synergistics

P90X Core Synergistics

Today is day 89 of my P90X workout (that’s right…DAY 89!) and I just finished an awesome session of Core Synergistics! I was full of energy today and ready to bring everything I had to the workout! I did exactly that and I got a great workout with P90X!

I started out the exercises today using the 10 pound dumbbells like usual, but during the Lunge Kickback Curl Press I stepped it up and used 15 pound dumbbells. My shoulders and arms were burning like crazy towards the end of the exercise (doing that move for 20 reps takes a long time), but it felt great¬† to finish it using the heavier weight! For all of the other exercises I did as many reps as I could until I couldn’t do anymore.

My favorite exercise during Core Synergistics has got to be the Prison Cell Push-Up. It’s an intense exercise that tires me out very fast! I tried to keep up with Adam today, but towards the end I was getting tired and got a little bit behind. I also really enjoy the Towel Hoppers. During that exercise I tried to get my knees up as high as I could (just like Adam). I was exhausted when I finished Core Synergistics, but it was a good feeling knowing that I gave it my all.

I’ve only got 1 more day of P90X! Tomorrow is Yoga X so it’ll be an intense, but relaxing way to end my 1st round of P90X! Keep pushing play! :-)

Nutrition for today-

Breakfast: Bowl of Fiber One cereal and a protein shake.

Mid-Morning: Protein shake.

Lunch: Turkey sandwich with extra virgin olive oil dressing.

Mid-Afternoon: Protein shake and P90X Recovery drink after Core Synergistics.

Dinner: Chicken and some veggies.

After-Dinner: Protein shake.

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