P90X Nutrition Guide – Should You Follow It?

P90X Nutrition Guide

P90X Nutrition Guide

I tend to get quite a bit of questions on the P90X Nutrition Guide so I figured it was about time that I put together a blog post on it. On this page I’ll let you know if it is really worth the time and effort to follow it, and I’ll go over some solutions if you lost your P90X Nutrition Guide, or your friend stole it, etc.

P90X Nutrition Guide – Should You Follow It?

The very short and sweet answer to if you should follow the P90X Nutrition Guide is YES! Here’s the long and very blunt and honest answer…If you are TRULY serious about getting results with the P90X workout, then you MUST follow the P90X Nutrition guide or some other high protein, clean and healthy eating plan (I’ll go over a few P90X Nutrition Plan alternatives later in this post). Following a healthy eating plan is JUST as important as doing your daily P90X workouts.

I think too often we tend to look for the easiest route possible or we try to cut corners and do just enough when we attempt to conquer any issue that we have (I’m guilty of it). People will make excuses like, I don’t have the money to eat healthy, I don’t have the time to follow an eating plan, or it’s too complicated, or I’ll start next week, blah, blah, BLAH! Those are just excuses to try to make yourself feel better about not taking action and just doing it. I should know, since I made those excuses for years and years before finally dropping the excuses and just doing it.

So now you know the answer on if you should follow the P90X Nutrition Guide. The choice is now YOURS! If you truly want to lose that weight, to feel good about yourself, to ensure you see your kids get married, or to accomplish whatever your “Why” is for getting fit and health, then you need to just drop the excuses and make things happen!

Half Cleaned CarCome On Jonathan, Can’t I Get Results With P90X Without Following The P90X Nutrition Guide?

I get this question a lot too, so let me answer it for you. Of course you can get results with P90X without following the P90X Workout Nutrition Guide! OR you may not get any results at all. Who knows! A lot of people do tend to still get some results, but again it depends. My question for you is, why would you invest so much time, hard work, sweat and energy into getting fit and healthy, but only do 50% of what you should be doing? That’s like going out to wash your car, and only washing HALF of the car. It does look good on the one side you washed, but it looks pretty crappy on the other side. Why even bother and only wash half of your car in the first place?

The same goes for P90X and not following the P90X diet guide. You may get some results, but think what kind of results you would have gotten if you followed the P90X Nutrition Guide in conjunction with your workouts. So again, just suck it up and follow the P90X Nutrition Guide so that you maximize your P90X results!

Help! I Lost My P90X Nutrition Guide Or My Dog Ate It, Etc.

Can You Email Me The P90X Nutrition Guide?

P90X NutritionThe P90X Nutrition Guide comes in a book format so I’d have to rip up my P90X Nutrition Guide to be able to scan it which I’m obviously not going to do. If you lost your P90X Nutrition Guide, your dog ate it or peed on it, or whatever, then you’ve got two options. Both are great alternatives to the P90X Nutrition Guide, but it’s totally up to you.

P90X Nutrition Guide Alternative 1: Get the Team Beachbody Club Membership by clicking here, and that will allow you to create a customized meal plan tailored to YOU and your goals with P90X. Since this is created by Team Beachbody (the creators of P90X), the meal plan will follow very closely with the P90X Workout Nutrition Plan. It costs a measly $38.87 every 3 months, but as a Team Beachbody Club member you’ll get a 10% discount on all Beachbody products which helps it to basically pay for itself.

P90X Nutrition Guide Alternative 2: Create a Free Team Beachbody account by clicking here, and then pick yourself up a copy of a book called The Abs Diet by David Zinczenko- found on Amazon here. You’ll then want to use your free Team Beachbody account to access the caloric needs calculator so that you know how many calories you should be taking in during P90X. Then you’ll just want to follow the Abs Diet book. It is very similar to the P90X Nutrition Guide in that it is a high protein eating plan and it is very easy to follow. It will also re-teach you how to eat properly so when you go out and about you know how to chose the good healthy options.

I think that about covers the most commons questions I get with the P90X Nutrition Guide! If you have ANY other questions regarding P90X, any other Beachbody workouts, or fitness and nutrition in general, please don’t hesitate to let me know! Leave comments below and let me know how you’re doing with your workouts. Also, if you enjoyed my P90X Nutrition Guide blog post, then make sure to share it by clicking any of the buttons below!

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