P90X Results

So what are my final P90X results from the P90X workout? Below are some of the highlights of my P90X results

  • Lost 11 pounds
  • Went from about 14.50% body fat to about 10% body fat
  • Lost 2 inches in my waist
  • Greatly increased my endurance
  • Almost doubled the number of push-ups and pull ups I can do
  • I can touch my toes (which I’ve never been able to do)
  • I have a six pack
  • Greatly increased the strength in my legs.

P90X Results – I’m a P90X Graduate! :-)

I just want people to realize that if this is something that I can do, than you can definitely get awesome P90X results too! I simply decided to do the P90X program, I committed myself to the program and the nutrition plan, and I succeeded! I am definitely in the best shape of my life, and I’m excited to continue with my trek of fitness and health! Here are my P90X results pictures from my very first round of P90X-

P90X Results

P90X Results

P90X Results – Goals Accomplished?

Did I accomplish all of my goals during this first round of P90X? For the most part! My main goals were to lose the extra fat I have around my belly (so my abs pop out) and to build muscle. I managed to lose all of the fat, and replace it with muscle.

The only thing that I wished I would have gotten better results with was adding size to my muscles. I got some increase in size in my chest, but none in my arms. That was really my own fault though because I wasn’t taking in enough calories. I guess I’ve got to remember as well that building muscle takes time. During this first round of P90X I was mainly losing all of the unwanted fat and replacing it with muscle. I think I will have an easier time gaining muscle this next round of P90X.


P90X Results – So What Are YOU Going To Do?

I highly recommend P90X to anyone who is looking to get fit and healthy! I’ve read so many success stories of individuals of all ages and fitness levels who have gotten extreme results from P90X. One of the success stories that has really stood out in my mind is of a couple who did P90X together. They were both in their mid 50’s and the husband had Type II diabetes. He had an insulin requirement of 20 to 30 units twice per day before the program. At the end of P90X, he had a daily insulin requirement of ZERO!

I’m extremely happy with my P90X results! You can easily get the same results or you could do even better! If you’re looking to purchase P90X, then make sure to click here. Also, I love helping others succeed with P90X and other Beachbody programs! Sign up for a free account to have me as your personal Beachbody Coach. Lastly, if you enjoyed this post on my P90X results, make sure to click the “Like” button above to share it with your friend on Facebook.

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