Personal Apology

This is probably the hardest blog post that I’ve EVER had to write for you.

Last night, I tossed and turned…

…tossed and turned… all night (don’t think I slept at all).

Because my mind was just swarming with thoughts on what I should say in this blog post.

But I’ll start with this:

I’m sorry.

I’m sincerely sorry.

Because it’s been exactly 2 years and 9 months since I’ve proactively helped YOU with your fitness and health journey.

And I can’t say it enough…

But I’ll say it one more time…

I’m truly sorry.

I failed you.

For the past almost 3 years I’ve been working on a new business where I helped small business owners grow their customers and revenue leveraging online marketing.

And instead of setting things up in a way so I could continue to help you…

I totally, completely dropped the ball.

So long story short…

I’ve enjoyed running that business, but there’s always been something missing.

The passion for that business…

…just has NOT been there.

My passion is, and has always been…


I mean…

Despite running that business, my love and passion for fitness has continued to grow.

On freakin’ Thanksgiving and Christmas this past year I got up at 4 am just so I could get my workout in. (WHO DOES THAT????)

I workout almost every day.

I love fitness. I love the rush I get from working out.

But there’s still been something missing.

And that missing piece…

…that has been festering inside of me for over 12 months now…

Was helping you.

I miss helping you.

I miss changing lives.


Just know this.

My priority now…


Helping, you, our community, and our team…

– Get into the best shape possible so you can’t WAIT to go to the pool and beach

– Build confidence in yourself so you can truly live the life you deserve

– Make everyone around you jealous with your cut, hard, ripped bod. :-)

I’m excited.

I’m fired up.

And I can’t wait to help YOU.

Lots, lots more coming soon, so stay tuned!

Yours In Endless Success,

Jonathan Register

P.S. The Register’s have multiplied since my last post. :-) Check out our son Noah (he’s 1, aka 20 months old as my wife likes to say):


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