Skinny Fat – Are You Showing The Symptoms?

Do you suffer from the skinny fat syndrome? I personally was affected by the skinny fat syndrome for years and years until I finally decided to make some changes and take control of my health and fitness. For the longest time I didn’t even realize I was skinny fat. Everyone around me told me I was “skinny” and that I didn’t need to exercise. I even believed them because I wasn’t overweight or obese so I was healthy right? Absolutely not! I was among the 30 MILLION Americans who suffer from the skinny fat syndrome and I didn’t even know it. Luckily, there is a cure for this self induced ailment which I will be revealing to you in this blog post.

Skinny Fat Symptoms

First, before we go into the cure of the skinny fat syndrome we need to properly diagnose you to make sure you in fact do suffer from it. Here’s a picture of me when I suffered from the skinny fat syndrome and a picture 90 days later after I was cured-

Skinny Fat

Skinny Fat


The skinny fat syndrome doesn’t just affect men, rather it affects both men and women of all ages. So here’s my personal definition of what it means to be skinny fat (I didn’t just throw this definition together, rather I did a good amount of research) –

[quote style=”boxed”]Skinny fat is a self induced syndrome where an individual is fairly close to their healthy weight, or even at their healthy weight, but they have little if any muscle definition. The sufferer generally doesn’t exercise regularly or is a habitual on and off again exerciser. The sufferer also generally doesn’t follow any type of healthy nutrition plan, rather they eat anything and everything they want. The skinny fat syndrome can and does lead to the sufferer becoming overweight and even obese if the condition is not dealt with. Also, even if the skinny fat sufferer never becomes overweight or obese they ARE at a high risk for obesity related diseases and illnesses.[/quote]

skinny fat stomachSo basically, you know you are skinny fat if you are somewhat close to your target weight, but you are soft all over. As I mentioned earlier, when I suffered from this everyone around me enabled me because they would say, “Man you’re so skinny, you’ll never have to worry about getting fat,” or “You can eat anything you want and not gain any weight.”

Despite them enabling me, I am my own person who can make decisions so as my definition states above it is a self induced condition that I was 100% responsible for creating. During the time I was skinny fat I didn’t exercise at all (unless it was January). In fact, I did anything I could do to avoid exercising. I also ate total junk every single day. I’d drink at least one soda a day (usually Mountain Dew or Pepsi), I’d eat at least one frozen or fresh pizza a week, and I’d just eat any sweets or junk I could get my hands on. To read more about my journey as a skinny fat survivor, check out my about me page by clicking here.

I’m here to tell you though that there IS hope! You can actually cure yourself of this syndrome like I did in as little as 3 months!!! You MUST take action sooner or later though by taking a stand for yourself and taking control of your nutrition and fitness. It isn’t easy and it’s not an overnight thing, but with consistency and time you can free yourself from it like I did. The skinny fat syndrome can progress to you becoming overweight and obese with time. Even if you don’t ever become overweight or obese you are still at a high risk for obesity related diseases and illnesses. So take action now because if you don’t have your health, nothing else matters!

By the way, in all seriousness, if you are skinny fat, you are NOT healthy like I was. This is a REAL condition ( I am joking though when I say it’s a disease, but this is a real issue). Check this video out if you don’t believe me- Today Show, ‘Skinny fat’ masks obesity.

How To Cure Yourself Of The Skinny Fat Syndrome

skinny fat bodybuildingSkinny Fat Cure Step #1

You need to accept that you are skinny fat (stop being in denial) and truly believe that you CAN do something about it and be willing to do what it takes to change. If you’re one of those people that thinks, “Awww, I’ve been like this my whole life so things are never going to be different,” then you’re right, things never will be different and you’ll always be skinny fat.

You also must genuinely want to do something about it. If you are being pressured by your spouse or anyone else to change then it’s not going to happen. YOU have to want to cure yourself of being skinny fat for you and not for anyone else.

Skinny Fat Cure Step #2

You must get onto a proven skinny fat workout and nutrition plan and you MUST stick with it for at least 90 days (and continue to exercise 5-6 times a week thereafter). There’s no doing it halfway or just working out when you want, or eating right when you feel like it. You’ve got to decide, commit, and just do it! For me, it was the P90X workout that cured me of being skinny fat. Check out my results from 90 days of the program by going here- P90X results

Regardless what fitness program you commit to, again make sure that it is a legitimate program that works (like P90X), but remember that you will only get results if you TAKE ACTION!

Skinny Fat Cure Step #3

Make sure you go through my free 5 day fitness bootcamp video series. The skinny fat sufferers who go through my video series and take action on everything they learn are 100 times more likely to succeed and free themselves from being skinny fat. When you sign up for it you’ll get a brand new video every day for 5 days and I’ll through everything you need to know to set yourself up for success. Go ahead and click the link below and enter you information now so you can be well on your way to being toned and ripped-

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I hope that you found my “Skinny Fat” blog post entertaining as well as helpful! If you did, then do me a favor and share it with all of your friends and family by clicking any of the links below so you can help them to free themselves from being skinny fat.

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