Where Can I Buy Shakeology?

Where Can I Buy Shakeology

Where Can I Buy Shakeology

Shakeology literally means ‘the study of Shakes’, and that is exactly what Beachbody has done in producing what they claim is one of the healthiest meal replacements on the planet.

Of course every health drink/shake/supplement claims to be the only one you’ll ever need and the best thing since sun and water, so what sets Shakeology apart? And where can I buy Shakeology?

If you’re simply thinking, “Where Can I Buy Shakeology” and you’re already a believer, then I’ve got you covered! :-) You can order Shakeology directly from the source here – click here now to order Shakeology.

Otherwise keep on reading to learn more about this stuff…

What the heck is Shakeology?

Shakeology’s primary focus is on three things: Nutrients, Nutrients, and Nutrients. When I want something natural, I eat something natural. My entire food buying philosophy is ‘buy things that are only one thing’. If I want the health benefits of quinoa, I buy quinoa. If I want potassium, I eat a banana. I don’t look for pre-packaged reheatable meals that happen to have some quinoa in them.

But let’s face it – your body requires a LOT of variety to get all of the nutrients it needs. Sourcing all of these things is damn near impossible, and who wants to walk around burdened by the guilt of doing your body the disservice of having not found any Sacha Inchi at the grocery store?

So when I heard about Shakeology, who’s ingredients were made up of all the things I wanted to be eating, I had to explore further. As an example, I took a look at the ingredient list for the chocolate shake.

Check out just some of the ingredients: Sacha Inchi, Sprouted Flax, Sprouted Chia, Quinoa, Acerola Cherry, Goji berry, Acai berry, Rose Hips, Maca root, Maitake mushroom, Reishi mushroom, Ginkgo, Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat grass, Yacon root, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Protease, Lipase, and tons more.

Wow. Shakeology really has combined the most nutrient-rich foods into a single meal. Imagine going shopping with this as your list – your family would have filed a missing person’s report before you got back.

I’m a fan of the chocolate flavor because it has more protein than the greenberry shake. The protein in Shakeology shakes are Whey-based and certified free of antibiotics. Whey protein is great because it gets absorbed very quickly into your body and helps repair muscles after a tough workout.

Click here for the full nutrition sheet for the Shakeology chocolate shake.

Is Shakeology For You?

While Shakeology is sold through the same company that sells high intensity workout packages, that doesn’t mean you have to be a fitness fanatic to enjoy the benefits of these meal replacements. Think about every time you’ve been too busy at work, too busy running around on weekends, or any other time you just had to grab a quick bite to eat. Think about the nutritional value of that meal. It was probably full of grease, 80% carbs, and other than keeping you full until a real meal, didn’t do much for your overall health.

Imagine having a shake that’s faster to mix together than placing your order at a fast-food chain. With these health benefits and speed, the only reason you would say no would be cost.

But Doesn’t Shakeology Cost a Fortune?

Some people point out that Shakeology isn’t cheap. There are a few ways to cut the cost down, but even with a one-off purchase, you’re looking at about $4 per serving. That’s $4 for a meal replacement or extremely healthy snack.

My favorite on the go cheap snack is some trail mix. For $2-$3 I get a ton of protein and fat and stay full for a couple hours. With a Shakeology shake and an extra $1, I not only tie myself over until my next meal, but I get the incredible nutrient blast that goes with it. Hard to argue about the price there.

There’s actually a second reason you might not want to drink Shakeology shakes. It, like any other supplement, is still that, a supplement. When I mentioned my food buying philosophy, I have a similar way of thinking when it comes to actually eating the food. I HATE thinking about having to combine foods. Sometimes I just want some beans, and don’t want to have to think about needing rice to complete the proteins.

If you are of a similar mind or are already taking other supplements, make sure you take a look at the Shakeology FAQ here.

Personally, having to worry about the timing of drinking this stuff (see “Can I drink this right before a workout? Right after a workout?”), worrying about giving it to kids or pregnant/nursing women, people with gluten allergies, etc. etc. etc. is a huge red flag.

Obviously everyone has to understand their body and what works and what doesn’t work with it, and it would be unrealistic to expect them to make something that was perfect for everyone.

Even with the legal-speak warnings, and with a healthy bit of skepticism, it really does seem that Shakeology has produced an extremely nutrient-rich supplement shake that will provide health benefits to almost everyone.

Where Can I Buy Shakeology?


Where Can I Buy Shakeology? Here! Click The Image Above To Order…

First, take a look at their ‘Bottom-of-the-Bag’ Guarantee. From the site:

If you don’t feel healthier, more energized, and simply amazing, you won’t pay. You can return Shakeology for any reason and get your money back (less s&h)—even if the bag is empty!

It’s great to know they’ve got your back if you find you don’t like the flavor, something disagrees with you, or you just aren’t seeing value from it.

You have a few options to purchase Shakeology:

Serving Sizes:

  • 1) 30 Servings (bulk) in a bag – if you place a one-time order you’ll pay for shipping (fair one). If you choose monthly autoship the shipping is FREE.
  • 2) 24 Individual Packets in a box – easier to eat on the go, you lose 6 servings but gain the ease of transport. Same deal with the free shipping with autoship.

Flavors: Chocolate and Greenberry, as well as Tropical Strawberry for an extra $10.

The best way to try it out is by ordering the bulk bag of chocolate. It tastes great, has more protein, and you get 6 more servings than the individual packets. Also make sure to select the Autoship option. You’ll save a bunch on the shipping, and if you decide you don’t want to continue, just give them a quick call or send an email and they’ll cancel it before the second month. Don’t worry, this isn’t like a gym membership – you say cancel, they’ll cancel it with no fuss.

If you’ve tried or are currently taking Shakeology leave some feedback in the comments and let others know your experience.

==>Click Here Now To Order Your Shakeology!

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