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How To Calculate Your Target Heart Rate

how to calculate your target heart rateHey everyone Brett Banford here and I have been meaning to address this topic for awhile now and that is how to calculate your target heart rate? Your target heart rate is very important and if you want to maximize the benefits that you get from cardiovascular activity then it is important that you know what your target heart rate (THR) is. It is not very hard to calculate, but there is a little bit of basic math involved. This post is going to give you a step by step guide of how to calculate your target rate. Continue reading

P90X2 Phase 1 COMPLETED!

P90X2 Phase 1P90X2 Phase 1 has just been dominated! That’s right guys Brett Banford here again and I am bringing you today my run through of my experience with P90X2 Phase 1. I wanted to make this post to give any of you out there thinking about doing P90X2 or who are currently doing P90X2 my full opinion and thoughts on the foundation phase of P90X2. I actually decided only to do three weeks for the first phase because I am focusing on the strength and muscle gains phase coming up from phase 2. I am going to give you a brief overview of what the first phase of P90X2 is all about and then I’ll end with a special opportunity that I want to extend to that some of you may already be aware of.Continue reading

Will P90X Cause Women To Bulk Up?

Will Woman Bulk Up From P90X?Hey everyone Brett Banford here. I get asked all the time from women whether or not P90X will cause them to bulk up or not. Many of you women out there want to lose weight and build that lean physique so you can fit in that old pair of jeans again or look good in a bikini while you are out on the beach.

Well it’s time to answer that question for all of you women out there who are hesitant about trying out P90X.

By the way if you are wondering yes that is she hulk the female version of the hulk. I thought it was fitting for this post haha.

Continue reading

3 Ways To Fail At P90X, Insanity, P90X2, or (Insert Workout Here)

failureHey everyone Brett Banford here and today I want to talk about a special topic. How many of you have ever sat back and thought about all the times you tried to get into shape. How many of you look back ask yourself “Why did I fail?” or “Why can’t I get into shape?”. It isn’t by coincidence I can promise you that.  There can certainly be more ways then what I am about to go over on how you can fail at your workout program, but I want to go over three of the biggest ones. So read on and maybe I can help to open your eyes. I certainly don’t want to make this a negative post so at the end I want to give you a special opportunity that will finally help you succeed with your workout program.Continue reading

My P90X2 Week 1 Review!!!

Hey everyone Brett Banford here again and I just wanted to let everyone know that I just finished my first week of P90X2!!!! Let me tell you what an exciting week it has been for me. I have really learned a lot about myself through this first week of P90X2. I have seen the areas that I have improved and had strength gains as well as the areas in which I am still struggling with.  It has been a real eye opener for me .

With that being said I have put together a video for you guys that gives you a little face to face time with me. I also go into a little more details about each of the P90X2 workouts through out the entire week. Enjoy!!!Continue reading