Will P90X Cause Women To Bulk Up?

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Will Woman Bulk Up From P90X?Hey everyone Brett Banford here. I get asked all the time from women whether or not P90X will cause them to bulk up or not. Many of you women out there want to lose weight and build that lean physique so you can fit in that old pair of jeans again or look good in a bikini while you are out on the beach.

Well it’s time to answer that question for all of you women out there who are hesitant about trying out P90X.

By the way if you are wondering yes that is she hulk the female version of the hulk. I thought it was fitting for this post haha.

I Want To Look Like Wonder Woman NOT Superman!

Alright so I know that was a little cheesy, but I felt like this was a good comparison of body types between what women are and aren’t looking for!

So enough fooling around the truth is that P90X is not a program that is solely geared towards “bulking up” and putting on muscle. It is an overall extreme fitness program that will help you lose weight and get the body you always wanted for both male and female. So NO P90X will not cause you to bulk up and look like Superman.

P90X attacks this problem from a number of different perspectives that will make sure you don’t bulk up and put on a lot of muscle.

How To Avoid Bulking Up With P90X

* This is just a side note that I wanted to make clear before I go any further. It takes a long time to build muscle. The muscle that would make you look bulky. Muscle burns fat, which will actually make you look leaner contrary to popular believe. Check out my post about is P90X for women for more information on how muscle works!

1. Do the P90X Lean Schedule – the P90X lean schedule is exactly what it sounds like. it is the schedule that is used to get you lean and toned not big and ripped. With the lean schedule you are getting rid of one of the three muscle specific oriented workouts and adding Cardio X along with Core Synergistics. This will help to avoid lifting weights and doing all of the pull ups that are associated with those workouts.

2. Lighter weights, more reps – this is also a highly recommended way to get lean muscle and not put on size. When you start P90X you should actually here Tony say in some of the workouts “If you want size 6-8 reps, if your looking to tone and lean up, 10-12 reps”. In doing so you won’t be pushing your muscles as intensely in short burst and will be more so working on the endurance of the muscles helping you to burn off fat without putting on size.

P90X recovery drink3. Avoid Large Amounts of Protein – protein is highly associated with muscle repair, growth, and recovery. I am certainly not saying it isn’t important because it is, I am saying if you want to avoid bulking up then you need to monitor how much protein you are taking in. This is why I love the P90X Results and Recovery Formula so much!

It has only 10 grams of protein in it which will assist in your muscle repair and recovery without giving you a ton of extra to help put on the muscle size and growth. It does have a little bit of creatine in it, but this is also used to help build lean muscle and avoid bulking up. I highly recommend it. It taste delicious too, like an orange sherbet push pop!.

Your Next Step!

I hope this post has helped you ladies realize that you can get incredible results with P90X without bulking up. If you decided that you are ready to take on P90X and are ready to get into the best shape of your life than here is your next steps.

1. Sign up for a Free Beachbody account– this will give you instant access to free fitness and nutrition tools and you will also receive me as your personal coach to help motivate and support you 100% of the way.

2. Contact me on Facebook send me a friend request on facebook and let me know that you are ready to commit to P90X and get that body you always wanted. Let’s get you back into those jeans or that bikini that you used to wear!

I hope you enjoyed this post and will leave lots of comments and questions. I would love to hear from you help you on your fitness journey!

To Your Success,

Brett Banford

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