Body Beast

Body Beast

Body Beast

Body Beast….sounds pretty scary and intimidating huh? This is supposedly the name of a brand new program being released by Team Beachbody (the same people behind P90X). There is very, very limited information out on this new program, but I’m already getting excited for the Body Beast workout. Keep on reading because I’ll divulge everything I know about this scary sounding workout program…BODY BEAST! (I’m yelling that in a low, raspy, hard rocker voice).

What Is The Body Beast Workout?

The Body Beast workout is going to be Team Beachbody’s FIRST workout that is SOLELY designed to get you as bone skinny as humanely possible! Ok, I’m just kidding about about the bone skinny part. :-) It’s the first workout they’ve put together that will be solely focused on helping people get the most ripped, muscular body possible. This program isn’t about losing weight; It’s about gaining pure, hard muscle while minimizing/losing the fat.

That’s pretty exciting to me because Team Beachbody doesn’t have a workout program designed SOLELY for muscle gain. While you can definitely add size with P90X, that wasn’t the main intent behind the program. P90X was created as a more well rounded program for anyone who wanted to lose weight, just get toned, or to even add some size.

Body Beast promises to incorporate the classic and the latest and greatest body building techniques that work and gives results. The Body Beast workout isn’t about pumping yourself full of steroids or using crazy expensive gym machines (while I’m sure you’ll need a decent set of dumbbells) . It’s about gaining muscle mass naturally in front of your TV in your living room.

Who’s Behind The Body Beast Workout?

Body Beast Workout

Sagi Kalev, Maker Of Body Beast Workout

The guy behind the Body Beast workout is Sagi Kalev. I don’t keep up with the people in the bodybuilding scene, but evidently he’s had a lot of success with body building. He’s originally from Israel and holds multiple “Mr. Israel” titles and several others in his home country. He immigrated to the United States in 1993 and has been working as a fitness and bodybuilding model, a personal trainer, and a nutrition counselor.

He’s also helped hundreds of people to prepare and win numerous national and international body building/fitness competitions all over the world. So he sounds like he knows his stuff and knows what works and what doesn’t work as far bodybuilding.

Who Is The Body Beast Workout For?

The Body Beast workout is for anyone who wants to gain pure muscle mass. From what I heard, they’ve designed the program in a way so that you don’t have to be a NFL superstar athlete to be able to jump into this program. You could just be a beginner who wants to add some muscle mass. Or you could even already be a body builder but just want a program you can do from the comfort of your home. It sounds like they’ve designed Body Beast for anyone, regardless of your fitness level.

With any body building workout program you need to be prepared to invest some money in yourself. It takes a lot of food (no junk food) to gain pure muscle mass. Nutrition is ALWAYS important when doing a workout program, but when you are trying to gain a lot of muscle nutrition is even more critical to your success. If you don’t eat the right kind of food, you’ll probably still gain muscle, but you’ll also gain fat in the process.

So if you’re broke, the Body Beast program probably isn’t for you. You need to be prepared to invest in a good solid dumbbell set (or adjustable dumbbells like I use) if you don’t already have some, the food, and the supplements so you can maximize your results.

Calling All Skinny Dudes/Dudettes…Body Beast Is Coming!

Skinny Dude

Now THIS Is A Skinny Dude!

I’ve personally almost always been the “skinny dude.” As of the writing of this blog post I’m in the process of really working to add some size with P90X2. While P90X2 wasn’t designed solely for adding muscle like Body Beast, I think I will be able to pack on some muscle if I get my nutrition right. I’m going to be tracking my nutrition down to every single piece of food I put in my mouth. I’m doing that so I can learn what my body needs (or doesn’t need) to gain size muscle while minimizing the fat.

The nutrition plan that comes with Body Beast is going to be focused 100% (that’s what I’m assuming anyways) around the mission to add muscle mass while minimizing fat gain. So regardless what happens during P90X2, I definitely plan on doing the Body Beast workout myself to see what kind of results I can get.

Stay Tuned For More Details On The Body Beast Workout…

The last I heard, the Body Beast workout is going to be released towards the end of 2012. That will give you and I both a chance to work towards getting the most ripped, athletic body possible with P90X2, P90X, etc. until Body Beast is released.

If you’d like to know when the Body Beast workout is officially released (or you just enjoy fitness in general), then make sure to subscribe to free weekly newsletter below by entering your info below now. Get ready….the BODY BEAST is coming!

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