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Private Call With Tony Horton & Carl Daikeler

Tony Horton & Me!

Tony Horton & Me

I finally got a hold of the recording of the private call we had with Tony Horton (the MAN himself behind P90X), and Carl Daikeler the CEO of Team Beachbody (this guy made it ALL possible).

I’ve gotta admit, this has got to be one of the biggest highlights of me being a Beachbody Coach so far (the top highlight just being the fact that I get to spend my days changing lives AND getting paid to do so…doesn’t get any better then that in my book). After the call I just couldn’t stop smiling for days! :-) Go ahead and take the time the listen to this call now. I know you’ll get something out of it that will help you on your journey…Continue reading

Beachbody Challenge – Are You READY For Change?

Beachbody Challenge

Beachbody Challenge

Have you heard about the Beachbody Challenge? If not, and you’re serious about CHANGE and you’re sick and tired of NOT losing the weight, you’re sick and tired of starting a fitness program and then stopping shortly thereafter, or you’re sick and tired of BEING sick and tired (from not being fit and healthy), then you need to listen up and get the details on the Beachbody Challenge. Read this post from START to FINISH, because this could quite literally change your life…IF and only IF you’re truly ready for change.Continue reading

Improve Willpower

It seems like we can all stand to improve willpower. There are so many outside pressures on us  to NOT eat healthy and exercise daily from our family, friends, co-workers, the television, and everything else around us. It’s to the point that you almost feel like you’re a weirdo and people give you a hard time for saying NO to having a desert, or telling people that you can’t do something because you HAVE to get your workout in for the day. That is why it is so CRITICAL that we improve willpower.

When it comes down to it, the only way we are going to get fit and healthy and STAY fit and healthy is by finding the motivation and commitment from within ourselves. Because YOU are truly the only person that can make YOU get off of the couch and push play and do P90X or some other workout.

You’ve got to have willpower, and lots of it. Pay attention because I’m about to show you how to improve willpower, and how to stand your ground and stick to your goals – no matter what.Continue reading

Using Jedi Mind Control Techniques To Lose Weight, Get Toned, Or Get Ripped

The Dark SideYour mind is an extremely powerful tool and it can be used for good OR for evil! By using Jedi mind control techniques you can use your mind to ensure you accomplish ALL of your health and fitness goals, whether they are to lose weight, get toned, or to get ripped. Your success at accomplishing your goals actually totally hinges on your mindset. If you have the wrong mindset then you can consider yourself part of the Dark Side and you are ultimately doomed to failure and destruction.

Sounds pretty dramatic, eh? Well luckily, you can pull yourself out of the Dark Side and you can use your mind for good to ensure your success. The keyword here is “YOU,” because you and only you can pull yourself out of the Dark Side and into a mindset that breeds success. So I’m going to stop pretending to be a Star Wars nerd and to know it all about the Jedi mind control techniques (I should have had my wife write this blog post since she’s a big fan). :-) To me, “the Force” is using your inner strength within your mind to find success.

Let’s continue onward with our journey and go over some specific techniques that you can do to use the force to get yourself into the right mindset.Continue reading

I Have Failed

I Have FailedThe last couple of weeks…I have FAILED! Plain and simple, I have completely failed myself and haven’t been working out like I should. So here’s what happened…Toward the end of the third week of February I started getting pretty sick. It started with a sore throat on Thursday. Then by the weekend on top of the sore throat (that was so painful at that point I didn’t want to talk or even say one word to anyone) I had a fever, cough, congestion, etc. On Sunday I decided to go to one of those Med-Express doctor offices so I could find out what was wrong with me and so I could get some meds and get back up on my feet. The doctor diagnosed me as having a throat infection and he gave me some antibiotics.

Continue reading

P90X Before And After Transformation Video

I just put together my P90X before and after transformation video and I wanted to share it with you! I’ve been through 2 rounds of P90X now, and I figured it was about time to go ahead and make a P90X video of my results so far. I hope that my P90X transformation will inspire and motivate YOU to start the program, or to stick with it if you are already doing the program. Your hard work and dedication WILL pay off as long as you are 100% committed to the program.

So check it out and make sure to share this on Facebook and Twitter to help motivate and inspire others!Continue reading