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It seems like we can all stand to improve willpower. There are so many outside pressures on us  to NOT eat healthy and exercise daily from our family, friends, co-workers, the television, and everything else around us. It’s to the point that you almost feel like you’re a weirdo and people give you a hard time for saying NO to having a desert, or telling people that you can’t do something because you HAVE to get your workout in for the day. That is why it is so CRITICAL that we improve willpower.

When it comes down to it, the only way we are going to get fit and healthy and STAY fit and healthy is by finding the motivation and commitment from within ourselves. Because YOU are truly the only person that can make YOU get off of the couch and push play and do P90X or some other workout.

You’ve got to have willpower, and lots of it. Pay attention because I’m about to show you how to improve willpower, and how to stand your ground and stick to your goals – no matter what.

Improve Willpower – Get More Willpower Now

Improve Willpower

Improve Willpower - Wow...Looks like there is a pill for everything.

The “Secret” To Improve Willpower?

The big secret to improve willpower is that there is no secret. People who have an iron will formed their strength of character over years and years of good decisions piled on top of one another. Where they’re at right now, it’s habit. They do the right thing without even thinking about it.

If you’ve just started P90X, you probably dread the intense workouts. You know it’s going to be more challenging than anything you’ve done, and that can make you shy away. But people who have stuck to it are in the exact opposite position. Fitness and nutrition are all they know now. To do something else wouldn’t just be out of habit. It would simply feel wrong.

The key to improve willpower is to build upon the momentum of your previous decisions. The longer you stick to plan, the harder it is to deviate from that plan. All you have to think about is this moment. If you make the right choice now, it will be easier to make the right choice again and again. Commit to your workouts. Don’t deviate. Make one powerful move after another, and it won’t be long before it’s second nature. If there was a secret, THAT would be the secret to improve willpower.

Dealing With Peer Pressure – Improve Willpower

Back when I started with P90X, I found it was really easy for me to eat right as long as I was cooking in my own kitchen and staying confined to my “bubble” at home. Problems start to arise when you’re eating with friends and family who aren’t on the same plan. They’re used to eating how the rest the world eats, and they might feel a little insulted when you say no to whatever delicious meal they’ve prepared for you. It’s not like you’re telling them they need to go on a diet or anything, but that’s how a lot of people interpret it.

Let’s face it. You’re going to have to learn how to say no, even when it’s uncomfortable. You will have to say no to your grandmother (I’ve had to do it, and it sucks), your friends, and possibly others who are even closer to you. Is it easy? Nope. But you can at least do them a favor by carefully explaining what your goals are and how this particular decision helps you to achieve them. Let them know that you aren’t trying to get them to do anything. You really just want to do this for yourself.

If you’re young, drinking is a hard one. Everyone’s always looking for an excuse to go out, and it seems as though drinking is the center of it all. If you have willpower, you’ll learn to limit your exposure to the scene. Do go out at night, but avoid places that aren’t jumping. Only have one drink and no more. It’s well earned if you spend the next 3 hours dancing the night away. :-)

Most importantly, have a purpose! You don’t have much time in life. Devote it to projects and people that mean something to you. Don’t just fold because everyone else is doing it. This is, once again, the kind of thing that builds with every empowered decision you make. Saying “no” once makes it easier to say it again and again. Have a small circle of friends who support you goals, and kindly tell everyone else you’re too busy.

Reward Yourself When The Time Is Right – Improve Willpower

People are always looking for one reason or another to pat themselves on the back, but if you want to have real willpower, you’ll need to know the difference between a real cause for celebration and something that’s a mere excuse. Should you have a drink every now again? Of course you should! But you should do it because you’re celebrating a real accomplishment you made with the force of your own willpower. Don’t celebrate non-accomplishments like Labor day or karaoke night.

I know it sounds so simple. It doesn’t require any weird mental voodoo. You just have to do the right thing, and it’ll be easier to do it again. Be your own person and make decisions because it’s what you want, not what everyone else wants from you. Keep doing this every minute, every hour, and every day. You will be a stronger, more intense, and more driven version of your current self. By the time you’re the poster child of willpower, you won’t even realize you have so much of it.

What Do YOU Do To Improve Willpower?

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