Private Call With Tony Horton & Carl Daikeler

Tony Horton & Me!

Tony Horton & Me

I finally got a hold of the recording of the private call we had with Tony Horton (the MAN himself behind P90X), and Carl Daikeler the CEO of Team Beachbody (this guy made it ALL possible).

I’ve gotta admit, this has got to be one of the biggest highlights of me being a Beachbody Coach so far (the top highlight just being the fact that I get to spend my days changing lives AND getting paid to do so…doesn’t get any better then that in my book). After the call I just couldn’t stop smiling for days! :-) Go ahead and take the time the listen to this call now. I know you’ll get something out of it that will help you on your journey…

Carl Daikeler & Me

Carl Daikeler & Me

During the call you’ll discover-

  • Does Tony Horton have cheat meals (the answer might surprise you)?
  • What happens when you get injured? Should you stop working out?
  • What are Tony Horton’s & Carl Daikeler’s top 2 favorite life changing books?
  • What is Tony Horton’s & Carl Daikeler’s favorite exercise?
  • And lots more…

So go ahead and grab a healthy snack, sit back, and press play…



So what was the biggest thing you took away from the call? There was something pretty big that I took away, but I’m going to hold it back because I’d love to hear what you learned from the call.

Leave a comment below now and let us know what YOU took away from the call!


P.S. We have an incredibly successful team that is growing by leaps and bounds who are changing LIVES across the nation. We can’t do it alone. If you have more desires then excuses, you’re ready to take a stand for YOU and would like to join us in paying it forward and changing the lives of others, then go here now for the 411 (enter your info, and then watch the video it it’s entirety)- Team TREK2BEFIT


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