Does P90X Work

Does P90X Work

Does P90X Work

I get people leaving comments and emailing me all the time asking me, “Does P90X work?” I get all kinds of variations of this “Does P90X work” question such as…Does P90X work if I don’t follow the nutrition guide? Does P90X work if I’m not trying to lose weight? Etc, etc, etc.

So, in this post I want to give you the low down on this P90X program. I’m going to answer some of the most common “Does P90X work” questions and most importantly, I’ll give you the scoop on whether P90X will for for YOU!

The Big Question Of The Day: Does P90X Work?

The short and sweet answer to “Does P90X work,” is – YES! But…and that is a massively BIG BUT! :-) It depends on YOU! It depends on if you give the program 100%. Giving 100% to the program means-

  1. That you do the workouts daily as the program is laid out (not cherry picking which workouts you do, or putting together your own random schedule),
  2. You do your best during the workouts, and
  3. You follow the P90X Nutrition Guide or some other healthy eating plan that works for you.

That is giving the program 100%. So you’re probably thinking…ok, so if I don’t give 100% then I won’t get results? For most people, that isn’t the case. P90X is a super extreme program. Just doing the workouts alone usually gives people insane results. However, if you want to get the best possible results, you want to get the EXTREME results (I’m talking results fit to be in the P90X infomercial), then you need to give it your all and give 100%.

Does P90X Work For Me?

I’ll be 100% honest with you. When I did P90X for the first time I didn’t give 100%. While I did do the workouts each day and give 100% to them, I didn’t follow the P90X Nutrition Guide like I should have. I cut out the junk and I tried to eat more healthy, but I could have done a lot better. Does P90X work for me? Did I get good results with P90X that 1st round? Yea I did…

P90X Round 1 Results - Does P90X Work?

P90X Round 1 Results - Does P90X Work?


During that round of P90X I lost 11 pounds, I got a six pack, I lose 2 inches in my waist, and I reduced my body fat by about 4.5%. So while my results were really good, they definitely could have been better. But you know what? I’m happy and content with those results.

Starting P90X and going through that first round (not to sound cliché) truly changed my life. I went from being a skinny fat, incredibly lazy, junk food monster eating guy, to a super fit, super healthy dude. I was the laziest person you’d ever meet before P90X, but now people know me as that fitness dude. I even made a business out of it and helping people is what I do full time! I never, ever in my wildest dreams imagined I’d be helping others to get fit and healthy full time.

So yes, P90X works for me, and it has changed my life!

Does P90X Work If I Don’t Follow The Nutrition Guide?

P90X Nutrition Guide - Does P90X Work?

P90X Nutrition Guide - Does P90X Work?

This is a popular does P90X work question that I get all the time (maybe once a week or more). To answer this question, yes P90X can still work for you if you don’t follow the P90X Nutrition Guide. However, nutrition IS just as important as your P90X workouts. It’s actually 50% of the equation (doing your workouts is the other 50%). So if you’re not following the P90X Nutrition Guide then you need to follow some other similar eating plan.

I did an entire blog post on this explaining the importance of following the P90X Nutrition Guide. I also gave 2 alternatives to the P90X Nutrition Guide in that blog post. You can check it out here- P90X Nutrition Guide.

Does P90X Work If I Don’t Follow ANY Eating Plan?

Ok Jonathan, I’m not going to follow the P90X Nutrition Guide, or any other alternative…So will P90X work for me? Maybe…maybe not! Like I mentioned earlier in this blog post doing the P90X workouts alone may give you results since they are extreme workouts. However, I couldn’t tell you what kind of results that you’d get. Your nutrition is critical and it can destroy any results that you would have gotten had you follow the Nutrition Guide or something similar.

Just suck it up, drop the excuses, and do whatever you need to do to cut out the junk, the soda, sweets, fried food, etc. Replace the junk with healthy alternatives. If you’re not willing to at least do that then you’re wasting your time!

Does P90X Work If I’m NOT Trying To Lose Weight?

Yep! P90X was designed for anyone…whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain your weight and just tone up, or to even bulk up and add some muscle. Inside the P90X Fitness Guide that you get when you buy P90X, they tell you how to do the program so you can accomplish whatever goals you are after. On top of that, Tony Horton (the guy behind P90X) re-iterates what you need to do to accomplish your goals (whatever they may be) during the actual workouts themselves.

Lets Wrap Things Up – Does P90X Work?

YES! BUT…to what degree it works depends on you! If you want extreme results…you want to lose as much weight as possible, you want to get a ripped as possible, or you just want to maintain your weight and get as toned up as possible, then give 100% and follow the program as it’s designed.

Just think about and imagine what accomplishing your goals will do for your life. Will hitting your goals allow you to play with your kids longer? Will it make you for once in your life feel good about your body? Will it make your friends just totally envy your hot body? What will having a healthy, fit body do for you? Think about that…

P90X has changed my life, and hundreds of thousands of other people lives. It can most DEFINITELY change yours! If you’re ready for change, then click the following link now to pick up P90X for yourself-

==>Click Here To Take The P90X Challenge

Here’s More Inspiration If You Need It…

If this one below doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will!


I hope you enjoyed my Does P90X work blog post! If you have any does P90X work questions that I didn’t cover, then leave them below!

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