Muscle Confusion

So what in the world is “muscle confusion” and what does is have to do with you and the P90X workout? With typical workouts, you do your workout routine day in and day out and your body quickly gets accustomed to those workouts. You’ll probably see some good results in the beginning, but over time as your body gets used to your workout routine, your results will begin to diminish. You’ll eventually hit a “plateau” where you stop seeing seeing any results at all.

Check out this short 30 second video which explains the concept of muscle confusion

As you saw from the video, P90X provides an extensive variety of different moves over the course of 90 days to continually challenge your body’s muscles so you don’t hit a “plateau.” Each stage of P90X is just as hard and effective as the first stage. This means that you’re body will have to work harder to keep up, and the better and faster your results will be.

During P90X, you’ll go through 3 training blocks. Each training block consists of 3 weeks of high intensity workouts, followed by 1 week of recovery. You’re workout routine won’t stay the same very long during this program (you’re muscles will definitely get confused :-) ). Each training block is different and new routines and workouts will be introduced as the program progresses.

Muscle confusion is an integral part of P90X. It’s the reason people have such great success with the program. It’s the reason I got great results with P90X, which you can check out here- P90X Results. I encourage you to go ahead and take the first step in your fitness journey and order P90X now. If you decide to do the program, commit to the workouts and a healthy diet, then you will succeed and get into the best shape of your life!

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