New Fast Fat Burning Diet: The Cotton Ball Diet


I’m being very very sarcastic here.

The other day I was just doing some research on all the different diets out there and I stumbled upon something called “The Cotton Ball Diet.”

Here’s how it works…

You take a cotton ball, you soak it in fruit juice, and then you eat the cotton ball.

You eat up to 5 cotton balls in a sitting, and that’s all you eat (for all your meals).

Supposedly, the cotton balls expand in your stomach, which gives you the feeling of being full so you’re not hungry for anything else.

How freakin’ DUMB is that???

That can KILL YOU. Because the cotton balls can cause a blockage in your small intestines, which could kill you.

Crazy, crazy stuff.

Even crazier, real people are actually doing this so called “diet.”


We know, that diets like that are just plain dumb.

It kind of defeats the whole purpose when your diet could kill you right?

But when it comes down to it…

Diets don’t work.

I don’t know a single person who’s been on a diet that has stuck with it indefinitely.

So what does work?

Learning how to eat the right way.

Then slowly incorporating changes into how you eat (it’s not an overnight process, because we’re talking about changing habits that you’ve likely had for years).

So a way to “fast track” the changes is to leverage as many SAFE nutrition shortcuts as possible.

NOT dumb shortcuts like the “Cotton Ball Diet.”

I’m talking about shortcuts that can help us live longer, increase our health, AND help us burn away fat faster, in a safe, healthy manner.

Best nutrition shortcut I’ve found? Is this.

Anyways, hope you found this post entertaining, and helpful! :-)

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