P90X2 Phase 2 – Hate It? Or Love It?

Wow. It’s crazy how fast time is flying by! I’m coming to the end of week 2 of Phase 2 of P90X2! I wanted to give everyone a quick update on my journey and I want to hear how YOUR journey is going too!

So a big question a lot of people have been asking me is…

What do I think of the P90X Phase 2 workouts?

The simple answer is…

I love them!

The P90X2 Phase 2 schedule and workouts are very similar to the original P90X except they are P90X squared! In other words, there are tons of new moves that are VERY challenging, but a lot of fun!

I especially love the variety of pull ups that you’re doing in P90X2. I never knew you could do so many things on a pull up bar! :-) One of my all time favorites is the Lever pull up. It’s pretty tough to describe but it’s super challenging, but really fun at the same time. I’ll have to get a video of me doing the Lever pull ups to show you.

Another challenging move is appropriately named-

The Impossible/Possible (from the P90X2 Chest + Back + Balance workout)

During this move your legs are on a stability ball and your arms are on 1 medicine ball (in a push up position). Your goal is to stay on the balls and do as many push ups as you can (while maintaining good form). Here’s an image from the P90X One On One Series where Tony Horton is doing the move-

P90X2 Impossible Possible


Ummmm. Yea….

I could do ZERO of those the first time I tried that move, and this week I was able to do 1 rep with perfect form! :-)

As hard as that move is, I LOVE the challenge! Not all of the moves in Phase 2 of P90X2 are THAT challenging, but Tony Horton has sprinkled in moves like that here and there.

So in a nutshell, I’m LOVIN the Phase 2 P90X2 workouts!

Changes I’m Making…

P90X2 HulkAs far as my goals for this round of P90X2, I think most of you know that I’m working to become the HULK. See my OPERATION X2 HULK post by clicking here for the low down.

The Phase 1 workouts weren’t conducive to adding lots of muscle mass (since it was tough to use heavy weight during the balance moves you’re doing), but this phase is perfect for adding size. So during this Phase of P90X2 I’ll be upping my calories like crazy, and focusing on lower reps and heavier weight.

During the first week of Phase 2 I was taking in 2,800 calories on the resistance workout days, 2,600 on the cardio days, and 2,300 on the yoga and rest days. However, I saw ZERO weight gain during that week so I decided to shift my strategy a bit.

If I want to hit my goal of adding at least 10 pounds during P90X2, then I need to up those calories even more so I’m adding at least 1 or more pounds a week of muscle.


Moving forward I will be keeping things simple and taking in 2,900 calories EVERY day. Taking in that many calories a day isn’t easy for a dude like me, but I’m going to suck it up and work to hit that number every day with HEALTHY calories (not junk).

I’ll also really need to track my body fat closely to ensure I don’t start gaining fat. I may even find out that I need to up my calories even MORE. I’ll just have to stick with this, track everything and see what happens.

That’s MY update, now it’s YOUR turn…

So you’ve got my update, now I want to hear how things are going for YOU! Leave a comment below and let me know what’s going on! I want to hear if you’ve been sticking with your workouts…how your nutrition is going. Also, share with us any positive results you’ve had.

So leave a comment below now and share with our community whats happening!

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