P90X Day 13 Completed: P90X Kenpo X

P90X Kenpo X

P90X Kenpo X

It is Friday (TGIF), and I just completed day 13 of my P90X journey! Today was my favorite P90X workout, Kenpo X! I was really pumped and excited to do this workout. That excitement helped me to push extremely hard during this workout (I didn’t have to pause the P90X DVD at all). I punched, blocked, and kicked as hard as I could during the exercises. I was easily able to get my heart rate in the zone and I was dripping in sweat from the workout.

My legs were surprisingly sore from P90X day 12. From the effort I put into it, I wasn’t expecting to be sore at all. I still think I did a great job with Kenpo X despite the soreness in my legs. Also, I found a set of weighted gloves in the Beachbody Store that I am seriously considering purchasing for the P90X Kenpo X workout. I think the gloves would really help me take this workout to the next level.

Nutrition for today-

Breakfast: Bowl of Fiber One cereal, and a protein shake.

Mid-Morning: Protein shake.

Lunch: Sandwich with roast beef, and a slice of provolone cheese (on whole wheat bread).

Mid-Afternoon: Strawberry Smoothie with 1 cup of frozen strawberries, 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed, 1 scoop of protein powder, and skim milk (not sure how much, just filled up the cup).

Dinner: I think we are going to have tacos tonight with chicken instead of beef.

After-Dinner: Protein shake

Tomorrow is day 14 of my P90X workout! That means 2 weeks of P90X will be DONE!!! Only 77 more days to go!

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