P90X Day 9 Completed: P90X Plyometrics

P90X Plyometrics

P90X Plyometrics

Shouldn’t the P90X workouts be getting easier by now? I guess not, because P90X Plyometrics killed me again! At about the 35 minute mark I had to pause the P90X DVD and take an extended break to catch my breath and let my legs rest. I then continued the workout and at about the 20 minute mark I had to pause again to take another break! This time I had a cramp from the smoothie I had prior to my workout (I definitely should have listened to Tony Horton’s advice and waited at least an hour prior to starting P90X Plyometrics).

I re-started the P90X DVD once again and finally finished P90X Plyometrics. It was just a really tough workout for me again. After I finished, I was soaked from sweat and my legs were throbbing from all of the squats. I really enjoyed the different Heisman exercises and the Gap Jump exercise again (I enjoyed anything that didn’t involve squats :-)).

I’m finding that any of the P90X workouts that involve cardio and legs I’m extremely weak at. If you’re just starting P90X, I’m sure you’ll find exercises that you are stronger at then others. I’m looking forward to the day when I’m just as strong in my lower body as I am in my upper body. I think P90X will do the trick!

Nutrition for today-

Breakfast: Bowl of Fiber One cereal, and a protein shake.

Mid-Morning: Protein shake.

Lunch: Turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, and extra virgin olive oil dressing. Also had a protein shake.

Mid-Afternoon: Strawberry Smoothie with 1 cup of frozen strawberries, 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed, 1 scoop of protein powder, and skim milk (not sure how much, just filled up the cup).

Dinner: English muffin (whole wheat) sandwich with eggs, turkey, cheese, & tomatoes. I also had a protein shake and a small salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar dressing. I know, that’s a weird combination to have for dinner.

After-Dinner: Protein shake.

Tomorrow is day 10 of my P90X workout journey, which means only 80 days to go! I’m excited for P90X Shoulders and Arms, but not so excited about Ab Ripper X. I hate it…but I love it! :-)

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