P90X Day 2 Completed: P90X Plyometrics

P90X Plyometrics Rock Star Hop

P90X Plyometrics Rock Star Hop (these were fun!)

Holy crap!!! P90X Plyometrics kicked my butt! I literally just finished P90X Plyometrics a few minutes ago, and I’m still dripping in sweat (I’m drinking my P90X Recovery drink as I’m typing this). My hip flexors are really sore from doing Ab Ripper X yesterday, so that made this P90X workout even harder.

The P90X Plyometrics workout consists of over 30 different jumping exercises such as jump squats, airborne heismans, leapfrog squats, etc. Tony Horton emphasizes thinking like a “cat” by leaping off the toes and landing softly and quietly on the balls of the feet to minimize the risk of injury during the exercises. I have never really enjoyed cardio exercises, but the P90X Plyometrics was actually pretty fun.

P90X Plyometrics Water Break

P90X Plyometrics Water Break

I started out pretty strong on this P90X workout (with the exception of the squats, which were really painful because of my hip flexors…sorry to keep complaining about them!), but about half way through I was struggling to keep up. All of the muscles in my legs were burning and I had to take a few extended breaks and pause the P90X DVD. I really enjoyed the Rock Star Hop, and the Gap Jump exercises (they were just fun to do). Despite all of the burning pain in my legs and hip flexors I felt throughout the P90X Plyometrics workout, I really enjoyed it and feel great that I finished it.

P90X Plyometrics Jump Knee Tuck

P90X Plyometrics Jump Knee Tuck

I think my nutrition today was so-so again. I had a bowl of Fiber One and a protein shake for breakfast, and then I had another protein shake as a snack a few hours later. For lunch I had a turkey sandwich with some Sun Chips. For dinner I had a PB & J, and another protein shake. Now that I’m just about finished this post I’m almost finished drinking my P90X Recovery drink. I think that will be all I eat this evening. Tomorrow I want to do a better job of  incorporating some fruit and vegetables in my diet.

Day 2 down, and only 88 days to go (I don’t know how long I’ll keep this countdown going, because it’s like counting down to Christmas…it makes it take forever to come)!!!

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