P90X Day 35 Completed: Rest or X Stretch

Today is day 35 of my P90X workout, and it was a rest day for me. I ended up not having enough time to complete X Stretch. This is the first day that I have missed X Stretch so it feels really strange not to pop in a P90X DVD!

Unfortunately, I have eaten a TON of crap today and I really feel like I should do some type of cardio workout before I go to bed. This weekend I have my Coast Guard drills (I’m in the Coast Guard Reserves) so I basically have to eat whatever they serve. Recently it seems like they’ve been only making super greasy, unhealthy food.

For breakfast I had my usual Fiber One cereal and a protein shake so that wasn’t too bad. At lunch everything started to go downhill. For lunch I had a cheese burger with some beans. For dinner I had one slice of cheese pizza and about 3 or 4 chicken wings. The food that they have served so far this weekend has been horrible for my P90X diet! Also, they of course didn’t fill up the salad bar this weekend like they did last month. During dinner they did put out a big bowl of iceberg lettuce, but it looked pretty bad so I passed on it. There’s a small cardio room here so I’m really tempted to hop on the treadmill and burn off some calories.

Well, I think that treadmill is calling my name! I can’t wait for Chest, Shoulders & Triceps tommorow!!

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