P90X Day 68 Completed: Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X

Today is day 68 of my P90X workout, and I just finished Legs and Back, and Ab Ripper X! I did my workout a lot earlier today than usual. This afternoon and through the evening my schedule is pretty packed! I figured I’d knock my workout out after breakfast so I don’t have to worry about doing it late in the evening. It actually felt really good getting it done early! I was worried that I’d be tired and not very motivated since it was so early, but I had a lot more energy that I thought I’d have. I’d love to continue doing my workouts in the morning, but I’m not a morning person at all, so I’m not sure how long it’d last.

Legs and Back went great today! I wasn’t able to add an additional rep to all of the pull-ups, but I did add 1-2 additional reps during both sets to the Reverse Grip Chin-Ups and the Switch Grip Pull-Ups. During the 2nd set of the Wide Front Pull-Ups I added a rep, but I stayed at the same number of reps during the 1st set. For the Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups I stayed at the same number of reps from week 9 during both sets.

During all of the leg exercises that Tony recommends using weight, I increased my weight and used 25 pound dumbbells (week 9 I used 20 pounds). Using the 25 pounds dumbbells wasn’t as hard as I’d thought it would be! It was somewhat tough though. I guess depending on how I feel next week I may try to up it 30 pounds.

Ab Ripper X went great like usual! I can pretty much do all of the moves doing the advanced version. During the Leg Climbs I’m just touching my shins/toes on all reps, but my form does start getting bad towards the end (I don’t keep my leg in the same place and I start bending it). I’m going to continue to working on keeping my leg straight and at a 45 degree angle.

Tomorrow is Kenpo X! I still haven’t had time to run to the store to buy some weighted gloves, so I’ll just have to go without them for now. I’m really excited that the weekend is almost here!!!

Nutrition for today-

Breakfast: Bowl of Fiber One cereal, protein shake, and a small cup of grape juice.

Mid-Morning: Protein shake and P90X Recovery drink after Legs and Back, and Ab Ripper X.

Lunch: Smoked turkey sandwich with provolone cheese.

Mid-Afternoon: Protein shake.

Dinner: I’m not sure what we are having for dinner this evening, but I’m thinking maybe some tuna or chicken with vegetables?

After-Dinner: Protein shake.

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